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I am currently looking for 1 person to partner up with to tackle a real world Business Analytics problem.


WHAT: Together, we will identify a problem with an open source data set and tackle it together. Ideally, this would be something that other people have done or there is a tutorial/guide for the project to compare our methods and results. This would include everything from collecting the data, cleaning the data, normalizing the data, analyzing the data (R, Python, etc.), and presenting the data (Tableau or another BI tool).

WHEN: I am looking to start as soon as possible.


DEADLINE: It would depend on the project, but I would like to spend about 2-3 hours every day dedicated to this project. This would include time to research and learn.


WHY: I am currently on the job market and trying to keep my skills fresh. This would allow me to have some talking points during interviews and keep my resume up-to-date.


If you are interested post below or send me a message on the forums or Discord.

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This actual peaks my interest quite a bit. I am a hands on learner and have been looking for something to help me develop my skills. I know I said I have limited time in our conversation, but an actual growth item I can make time for. hmu on discord!



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A friend of mine was doing a capstone project in college using data from Twitter.  I believe the project goal was to make an algorithm to analyze a massive heap of Twitter data and see what people are talking about.  Using a natural language processor it would then break down and tell you what people are talking about the most on Twitter.  Thus allowing you to see possible financial market behavior.

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