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Jake M - Ban Dispute

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What Server were you banned from: GTA V 
Who banned you: Unknown
Why were you banned: "cop baiting and shooting outside pd randomly"
When were you banned: 9-22-17
What is your in game name: Jake Morre

Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I didn't do it. 1) Didn't shoot my gun off at all. 2) Never cop baited


Steam 64: 76561198134446847

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@SpecialKillerJ Goona give you a bit of advice while you wait for someone to respond.


 You putting in a ban dispute with the "I didn't do it" card isn't going to work, you were banned for a reason and weather you wish to accept it or not honesty comes a long way. Coming on here and putting a ban dispute with 0 effort shows no reason why you should be unbanned or allowed back into the servers. You may wish to edit your post and put some TIME and EFFORT into your post so it can be taken seriously. As always please read the server rules while you wait for @LoneWolf to respond. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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