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sauce daddy

Teamspeak ban dispute

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What Server were you banned from: ts
Who banned you: miatch
Why were you banned: troll
When were you banned: last night
What is your in game name: aaaaaa (i will buy your mc accounts)
User/Player ID: kSXYMqlI5LD2Ii5A3qA2LbEVYAo
Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: 

i changed my name from dad to i will buy your mine craft accounts in my eyes it was a joke i wasn't actually going to buy accounts and MiAtCh messages me saying we do not support advertising here i responded with how am i advertising while he was messaging me i was in waiting room i was moved up to squad chat and than was kicked as a joke i guess miatch thought i left on purpose to try and avoid him so i went back into waiting room he moved me up and said change your name which i did it was not back to dad because i was in a competitive game of csgo and couldn't be tabbed out for long so i just held down a and hit enter and than i was banned shortly after in his ban report he said "asked him to change name bc we don't allow advertising, he refused, then jumped to other channels to troll" i was never trolling and i also did not refuse to change my name and the only other channel i went to was welcome lobby because i was kicked out of a channel i was in as a joke


the screenshot shows i did change my name and did not leave the channel to try and avoid him i was kicked out 

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Hey Sauce, thank you for putting in a ban dispute.   I remember banning you in teamspeak before and you WERE advertising on our server, so you would have been told about our teamspeak server rules and didn't heed them.  You were trolling in channel and slurping *something* into the mic making people angry enough to poke me along with other admins about it and now advertising.  I think in this short amount of time you've learned nothing so I will not be removing the ban as of this time.  Grow up a little bit and then come back.


Take care




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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