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Ark PVP Server Information

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Hey everyone,

A lot of new stuff has been added and there are some cool new mods to try out.  We've tried to keep the list short and of course we're always open to suggestions.


The server name is Reckless PVP 3xEXP5xG15xT


The server IP is


Server Stats:


Fresh Map as of 09-18-2017

Map: Ragnorak


70 player cap

XP: 3x

Taming: 15x

Harvest: 5x

Max Lvl Wild Dino: 450

Gamma Allowable


Water Drain: 0.50

Food Drain: 0.50

Baby Maturation Speed: 15x

Egg Maturation Speed: 15x

Daytime speed scale 0.5 (means the daytime lasts longer)

Nighttime goes 3 times faster

Server auto saves every hour

Crosshairs are on

Can pick up players with flyers



Mod Pack:





Ultra Stacks                    761535755
Structures Plus              731604991
Castles, Keeps, Forts    764755314
Ark Advance 10              572277026
Super Spyglass              793605978

Reusable Plus                693416678

Dino Tracker                   924933745

Offline Raid Protection  600705968

Eco RP                             741203089

Classic Flyers                 895711211



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Updated the post to reflect the current mods we're running. 

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