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trying for the third time

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What Server were you banned from: altis
Who banned you: someoneyoulike/deathview
Why were you banned: money hacking and getting back on the server when perm banned
When were you banned: 8/20
What is your in game name: [OG]Lando/Lt.cocaine
User/Player ID: 76561198413346121
Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: well i put in 3 ban disputes and i bought arma 3 again just to play on the server and i dont get a second chance its like you guys want to ban me with out giving me a 2nd chance. Have never said i was going to hack or screw the server up and u let @Brendango and he got more money then i did and he didnt have evidences for getting hacked money or even buying it like u guys can wipe my shit and everything i just wanna play on the server

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I am not sure what is going on in your head. I am not insulting you outright, I am questioning your ability to understand.. You do not give yourself a second chance by buying the game again. You are not a good guy because you say you are "not going to hack us" so do not let that get to your head. In some instances we do wipe peoples accounts and let them start fresh. But that incident is dependent on circumstance you will never have now. We log everything on our server so we do have the evidence. Because we choose not to share it does not mean we do not have it. It is our server and you chose to exploit it. Evading your initial ban is not smart. You are digging yourself a deeper hole that you will most likely never get out of. Go somewhere else if you want to break the rules. This dispute is invalid.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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