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John Falcon    153

So I've been thinking about something fun to do recently. Since this is a gaming community and people upload great gameplay moment clips on the forums now and then, I thought of holding competitions now and then. How does this work? A game would be chosen sometimes they would repeat on an event, (They would not be bad games) Upload your funny, epic, moments and even your awesome victory's whatever you think is good, upload it on the competition post (Not this one) The winning of the game competition would receive some kind of prize (TBD). The games chosen would be liked by many and there will be free games chosen too so everyone can join in. I wanted to know what people thought of this before actually trying it. Vote on the poll above.

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John Falcon    153

@SpecialKillerJPost a video of you playing the game selected. If you get voted on you win the prize given which can be a game, money, etc. They would be held probably once every 2 weeks because once every week might be too much.

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Paronity    319

When I was first starting out at GSN, this was something they did. We ended up getting a lot of feedback on it and giving stuff away to the winners and stuff. This was before they got into ARMA 3. This could be done really well though. I think we have a great group of people here to provide really great feedback and videos. I was in a couple for my gameplay. Let me see if I can locate. :)



I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but I think it's along the same lines. 


PS: Back when I was decent at a game...... lol

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