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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! I am Bunny (Kanin)! I am from Stockholm, Sweden and I love Video Games and making friends. I really hope we can be friends someday!
  2. Skyfus


    Hi, for the purpose of all interaction my name here might as well be Skyfus, and I'm some 19 year old dude in the south of the UK who's currently studying electronic engineering. My mood is more unstable than a 3rd world country under new leadership but I can keep myself civil about 80% of the time, I'm pretty open and honest about anything short of instantly giving my identity to 5,266 strangers at the time of writing, and my political leaning is "Could you please stop fighting each other all the time?". My only consistent hobbies right now include gaming and reading, but at various points I've practiced archery (up to the point where I got a cute silver badge) and volunteered at a birds of prey centre. I'm happy to have found a gaming community that doesn't seem to be, well.... putrid. My semi-moderate experience in Rust and decent experience in ARK over the last few years have served to reinforce the concept that there are a LOT of gamers across the world that simply want to ruin someone else's day, for nothing but the satisfaction that they were responsible. And I get the feeling they don't get far in the application process here. I hope that firstly we all get along, and secondly I remember to flip-flop my gaming cycle to Arma 3 regularly enough if I get accepted EDIT: since I'm not sure how many more people are gonna welcome me, I'd like to thank you in advance on the same basis that you eventually have to stop holding doors open for people
  3. Hello everyone I am known as codemeister101 (Cody) I am 24, lives in Minnesota. I am very chill person and like to hang out and have fun. I am little shy but get me talking I talk lol. I play Modded Minecraft,(GTA5 and with LSDP) I also play a lot of Ark,Skrim,Ghost recon. I hope to lean and grow in the community and make friends. also I was brought here by TheMindDoctor very awesome guy.
  4. Hey guys, I figured I should probably make this post and formally introduce myself! So I am the great Sensei Patches. My name's Carl, I'm a Games Programmer, I'm 24, and currently studying my Bachelors degree with Honours in Computing Sciences, and I am your most recent Developer! I've a long history of developing in ARMA, from way back in the day working with Tonic on the original STS_Altis.life, all the way up until around a year and a half ago, I was heading development for a community called Seal Team Sloth. So hopefully I can bring some of my good work with me, and bring you guys some more fun and interesting content! I tend to play Arma 3, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League, but I have hundreds of games installed and play just about anything I fancy. I'm starting to stream more often, so you can catch me on here: https://www.twitch.tv/senseipatches, I'd appreciate a follow and views from time to time! and I hope you come talk and play with me whilst I stream! The more the merrier! We get drunk, have a laugh, and hammer some games! So yeah, that's about it. I look forward to bringing you guys some fun and interesting new content in ARMA, and look forward to meeting you all and playing with you guys in game! Cheers! (Make sure to hit me up in Discord or Teamspeak to say Hi!)
  5. Hey Everyone, My name is Tanner i'm from Canada eh i'm kinda new around here and i hope to meet everyone and have a good time, i have a good bit of experience on roleplay servers cause i used to play on a lot of them. So lets see how this goes!!
  6. Hello everyone! Just a quick introduction: -Real Name: Pedro César -Age: 26 -Occupation: Naval Engineer Student -Location: Brazil -IGN: Dytox So yeah, I've first met Ronduth through Conan Exiles and from there started to play a lot with Agony and Setha mainly, I've also played with Texas, Alien8r, Miatch, Ray, Shuler and most recently Valshe. I've been playing video games ever since a little kid, and mostly computer games since Diablo 2 came out. The games I usually play are MMORPGs, I don't like FPS that much and MOBAs tend to get me stressed (which I avoid, since gaming is supposed to be fun). Some of the MMORPGs I've played are: -Ragnarok 1 and 2 -Diablo 2 and 3 and both expantions (not really an MMO but....) -Flyff -Wildstar -WoW -Blade and Soul -Tibia (dark past, don't judge mkay?) -Tera Online -Guild Wars 2 -Star Wars: The Old Republic -Lineage 2 -Final Fantasy 14 -Maple Story Other games I've played include: -Overwatch -Starcraft -Dota 2 -Heroes of the Storm And others I can't remember. I love South Park to death and can quote pretty much any episode from it....lmao Other things I like watching are animes and some TV series. Well, this is a long post so I'm not including every single information about me but feel free to ask away. Cya around!
  7. Howdy, from the Lone Star State! Well Howdy! My name is John Roderick Gage, I go by J.R. or Johnny! A little bit about me in real life: I am a student pilot with 20 hours logged. I have played piano for most of my life I absolutely DIG jazz music, as well as big band, like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, etc. Alrighty then a little bit about my character in game: John Roderick Gage, II was born in Dallas, Texas in 1971. He admired his father's accomplishments in the EMS profession in California and then aspired to pursue the same passion. In 1989, John Roderick Jr. joined the United States Navy as a Corpsman (MOS 8404). He returned to the United States in 1996 to soon marry his wife Ryleigh Robinson. In 2016, John Roderick Jr. moved to Altis to escape political unrest in the United States, and to mitigate stress in his life. Thank you for reading this introduction! Can't wait to see you on the server!
  8. Hello, new to the community and new into computer gaming in itself. I came across your server on arma and I was having fun so I decided to join. hope to game with some of you guys.
  9. It's been a long time so I thought I would make a new introduction. For those that don't know me i've been here since GSN, I had to stop playing for a bit because I fractured my neck. Then my computer broke. I got a new computer and I heard the server was shut down, and now I'm back. #AltisLifeHype Now time for ya to get to know me. I'm 17 and I live in Canada, for those wondering about my neck I fractured it playing Rugby. I played soccer as well, now I spend most of my time on the computer or out with friends. As for food I'm a big fan of pastas. I only have my computer every other week, so I won't be on all the time. Can't wait to be playing with you guys again!
  10. nreeves.em


    My name is Nate "Elad" Reeves, a little new to Reckless network but I'm looking forward to my stay here. To sum-up my introduction ill just make a list. Name: Nate Reeves DoB: 3/10/96 Occupation: Freelance GFX illustrator, Developer for Clearepoint. Passions: Programming, Gaming, Computers. Professions: Shit-posting, Supreme Meme machine, professional 4chan troll. Accomplishments: Global elite in CSGO.
  11. Hello RGN! Its your friendly neighborhood Gandhi here! I hope my intro is not in bad taste or at a bad time but id like to let you all know a-little about me! First off i am a father of some adorable triplets!!!(Arya, Asgerd and Astrid) Yes they are fantastic...at not letting me sleep.( i still love em anyway). My wife's name is Calissa. She and i have been married for three years and is the most beautiful Person i know.( Unless you are Al hoff and that sexy beard, then i say you are close) i Also have some fantastic family members that have supported me to where i am today, A highly Renown chef, who loves to teach and cook for others. (im always willing to give out help if needed) I found RGN whilst looking for a good Altis life server ever since GSN went down. i knew this was up right after they shut down Altis life, but i took a break and went to school and did a few other things.... anyhow, Now here i am, a Proud father, and a recruit in one of the most awesome Gaming communities ive ever stumbled upon.. Long Live RGN! LOVE YOU ALL, And Dont forget, My tree has a spot for all of you under its Beautiful and serene Leaves. { if you have any questions feel free to ask!, and no @@Alien8r, i'm not a drug-dealer)
  12. Hello, my name is Bob Jhonson(yes, i spell it like this on purpose) aka Ronaldo I'm fairly new to this community I only found out about Reckless Gaming about a week ago when browsing for a good first Altis Life server to play on. I play all sorts of games mainly FPS games like CS: GO, R6S, BO3, A2, A3, Overwatch, Battlefield etc. I'm pretty confident in my aiming skills in games. I listen to all genres of music, but my favorite band is Dance Gavin Dance. I also enjoy graphic design like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D design, and I also know how to code HTML5, CSS3, and a bit of jQuery. If you ever wanna play any games with me, you are more than welcome to contact me through my Skype: damianmartinez4669, or my Steam: Slark The Unicorn.
  13. yo, whats up everyone? I am Séamus Neeson. Séamus is the old Celtic spelling of Sheamus. If you find me on Altis, feel free to say hi.
  14. Hello everyone I do and do not know!!! I live all the way up in Canada, my name is Chris, I have a broken neck, and I'm turning 17 in March. Ummmmm I mostly play Arma, but ya know I play a lot of other games as well. I help Jack run CKC and for those that don't know what that stands for it would be Cool Kart Crew. Look me up on steam if you would like DeadSurvivor. I'm usually just chillin. I'm only on every other week tho, so if I don't get back to ya you know why. Hope we all have a great time playing together, if we play together.
  15. Hello Reckless Gaming! The name's VICTOR. You may find me playing on Altis Life, DayZ standalone, or some other games such as CS:GO as Veggie or Cael, but here, I think i'll stick to the alias! I recently found out about RGN from my buddies Todd Handler, FF Ronin, and LeaveItToBeevers. I intend to basically meet some community, play some Arma 3, and make some bank playing civ and perhaps one day cop on Altis. Stop in and say hi, say hi in game, or find me in teamspeak and say hello. I'd love to meet you guys! See you in the field, VICTOR

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