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Found 7 results

  1. Hey. My name is Nanu I am 18 years old and am currently in the process of joining the military. Canadian military that is but anyway I currently I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and CS:GO although I do play a lot more games here and there. Looking forward to meeting some of you and making new friends to play games with!
  2. Shiek

    Hello again!

    Hello! I'm known most other places as "Seasons" but some around here might know me as Sheik. I was an active Arma 3 player when the Altis life server was still around, but I went MIA after I got frustrated with my PC dropping to about 5 frames when I entered a gun fight. My time spent on the Altis life server was mainly spent with my old gang [THOT]; Which consisted of Myself, Ryan, RandomFatguy69, Matt, Bob of Uganda and a few others. I've recently upgraded my CPU/Motherboard and decided to come back and play ARMA 3 with the ol' RGN server, and saw that it was down. But just looking around and seeing old faces I've decided I wanna come back and stick around this time, Altis life or not :] I hope to see you all in any game we might play!
  3. Hey Everyone, My name is Tanner i'm from Canada eh i'm kinda new around here and i hope to meet everyone and have a good time, i have a good bit of experience on roleplay servers cause i used to play on a lot of them. So lets see how this goes!!
  4. 5Shots


    Hello all as some may know me as FiveShots to other Steven , ive been playing arma 3 for a long time with currently sitting at 2450 hours mostly cop ,ive seen a lot of familiar faces from the old PIA server and 2H2K server as we all know the power struggles that went on in there and the servers shut down ,i tip my Fedora to you and say hello ,im 33 years young and my hobbies are breeding amphibians for the pet trade like frogs newts ,salamanders,and toads ,and killing turtles on arma in my spare time ,"murtle those turtle""cough cough" work related i drive a HGV for eddie stobarts and having 450bhp with no trailer connected is too much fookin fun ,i dont have a gang as of yet but im looking for the right one i have a keen eye and shot also alot of police training background i also play King of the hill im currently lvl45 and if you see me online give me a shout and we can go camp a tower or two heroes of the storm is also one of my interest and combat sims like the new SQUAD and battlefield 2 mod project reality mod my steam name is 5SHOTS
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Washington. I am a former member of the Seal Team Sloth community (shut up, it was actually good at first.) and after that died due to admin incompetence I have followed my friends onto this server and so far I am actually liking it and I am indeed enjoying myself. Now a little bit about myself, I started playing Arma 3 around 2015. Started off on KOTH with a few friends then we decided to hop on some Altis Life after watching Psy Syndicate play on the Seal Team Sloth server. A week later, I meet a guy some know as Cole Bellic. The whole thing started up pretty rough because he kidnapped me because there was a hit on me, killed me, got me banned, etc.. but then we sorta became rebels together along with a bunch of his old squeaker friends that has since disappeared. 2017 comes, and now we are on Reckless. Back on STS, I used to be a fairly good player but now because I downgraded (switched to a laptop because of college) I have pretty bad frames and cant even use my the long range scope on the RCO without lagging bad. Anyways, back when I had a decent computer, I put up a couple of montages I would like to show you all. Enjoy. Oh also, games I play : Rainbow Six Siege, H1Z1, Overwatch, and Smite. Here's the clips: (first one was edited by Cole Bellic, hope you dont mind the crappy quality )
  6. Hey Guys, Just trying to be the greatest doctor around basically. Love Arma 3 and Altis Life especially this community glad to be aboard. Hope to see all of ya out and about. See ya around, Funnydew
  7. Hello Reckless Gaming! You may recognize me from such Altis Life servers as Seal Team Sloth and Asylum. I play a lot of Arma 3, DayZ Standalone, and Rainbow 6: Siege. I recently found out about RGN through Altis Life as I was referred to by Todd Handler. I just wanted to make a quick introduction to let everyone know you will see my face much more often in Altis. I plan on playing as an EMS mainly and occasionally strolling the streets as a civilian. Make sure to say hey! See you in Altis, Ronin

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