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Found 5 results

  1. Hey. My name is Nanu I am 18 years old and am currently in the process of joining the military. Canadian military that is but anyway I currently I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and CS:GO although I do play a lot more games here and there. Looking forward to meeting some of you and making new friends to play games with!
  2. Hi! I am Bunny (Kanin)! I am from Stockholm, Sweden and I love Video Games and making friends. I really hope we can be friends someday!
  3. Hey guys, I figured I should probably make this post and formally introduce myself! So I am the great Sensei Patches. My name's Carl, I'm a Games Programmer, I'm 24, and currently studying my Bachelors degree with Honours in Computing Sciences, and I am your most recent Developer! I've a long history of developing in ARMA, from way back in the day working with Tonic on the original STS_Altis.life, all the way up until around a year and a half ago, I was heading development for a community called Seal Team Sloth. So hopefully I can bring some of my good work with me, and bring you guys some more fun and interesting content! I tend to play Arma 3, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League, but I have hundreds of games installed and play just about anything I fancy. I'm starting to stream more often, so you can catch me on here: https://www.twitch.tv/senseipatches, I'd appreciate a follow and views from time to time! and I hope you come talk and play with me whilst I stream! The more the merrier! We get drunk, have a laugh, and hammer some games! So yeah, that's about it. I look forward to bringing you guys some fun and interesting new content in ARMA, and look forward to meeting you all and playing with you guys in game! Cheers! (Make sure to hit me up in Discord or Teamspeak to say Hi!)
  4. Hello, I am a 5'3 14-year-old male that loves to play games I haven't been playing on Altis Life for that long but I've made several friends and some good mentors along with them. When I'm not online I'm mostly working towards getting good grade in school and help me be ready for my future job by taking some online classes. As you can see on my Steam account you can see in the last week I've played over 30 hours of Arma 3 on Altis Life. If you want to become a friend or part of my team just join me! My name is mostly just Adam sometimes tags. I'm really towards role playing game I use to be on the Mac side of computers into I got more into gaming. Expect me to be playing a lot on Arma 3 and some time on Farming Simulator 2017. I'm a huge fan towards Simulators game such as American Truck Sim. Farming Sim, etc. Well I'll like to say it thank you for taking your time to read my Forum. I hope you have a wonderful day! Since I'm to lazy to tell anything else I just upload a video hope you guys enjoy it!! Click Here
  5. yo, whats up everyone? I am Séamus Neeson. Séamus is the old Celtic spelling of Sheamus. If you find me on Altis, feel free to say hi.

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