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Found 10 results

  1. Congrats to the winners pm me for your code. @Austin @Gewchie Steam Gift Card Giveaway This giveaway is pretty straight forward, to be entered to win just like this post and comment what game you plan on buying. Two people will be randomly selected and will both win a $20 steam gift card. This giveaway will close on 7/12/17 giving exactly one week to enter.
  2. So, as was brought up by @MoneyB people play many different games that are not Arma. So i was wondering what games do you as the community play that is not Arma 3, it would be nice for the people playing different games to meet up and game together!
  3. i tried loading a vehicle in my hemtt transport truck. it didnt work because i had no keys. but when i wanted to store the truck it says that it cannot be stored cause it has still a vehicle in it. arma 3 altislife
  4. Hi. Whenever I join the Reckless gaming RSF Insurgency I agree to the battleye and restart the game and join back. When I do that I am stuck on the loading screen for probably about 5 or more minutes then the Arma 3.exe crashes and give me this error. Arma 3 The instrucion at 0x0000000000Ba46C2 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000740 And a little bit more information. I tried restarting my computer and a lot of other things. I don't know if it is me or the server. I was on it only once. ONCE. And now it does this. Can you please help me?
  5. So I was playing on the Altis server earlier. The server was running fine. I logged out to go post my bug report. Came back into the server and I get this message after I have selected my spot on civ. This message appears where the kavala phygros atheria, sofia spawn locations bar should be. I can see side chat and can hear in game sounds but I just sit at this black screen that says Setting Up Client, Please Wait. I have sat at this screen for a good 10 minutes. I have tried different civ spots, restarting Arma and disconnecting from the server and coming back in nothing works. Cesil told me to just wait it will eventually load but after 10-15 minutes I am not seeing any progress.
  6. MrOutlawTV

    games HALP!

    So I've tried to play Altis many times but my left windows key function doesn't seem to be working however it doesn't work on anything Arma Related such as Wasteland or KOTH either... Any ideas how to fix?
  7. One day I tried to get on the Altis server. But there was zero servers...... iv tried a bunch of stuff, I just can't find a fix without 100% restarting my computer. If anyone has any suggestions that may help please let me know, cuz I don't want to have to 100% restart my computer. (I wont be on till next week)
  8. Ok so i have had people tell me to go somewhere in my settings to boost it but i cant find it? (Im using windows 8.1) Also people are saying to boost in-game but i already do?
  9. Anyone know how to fix? It only freezes when im doing bountys and when it does freeze i can still hear my self move,shot all the jazz. My GPU is not over heating(sitting around 60c whole time). Running a AMD Radeon HD 6670 with i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10 GHz. Thanks
  10. So I finished downloading siege loaded into a match and then this crap happens, does anyone know what the issue is? When loading it said something about my driver not being compatiable.

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