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Found 2 results

  1. It got worse people .. WORSE

    I thought to myself that why isn't the drawer smoothly coming in and out of the table , if you noticed my previous thred ; well the main drawer was tilted and I just found out that the railers were on top . Where any drawer's railers on god's earth is usually on the bottom.. @Ronduth link me to RGN's Engineering apps , I'm all set ??
  2. Well.. Atleast I tried

    Oh well.. I was trying to build my new desk for my new PC Setup and that's what happened as Ikea's shit monolouge confused the fuck out of me If you don't get it yet ; well the cable management hole must be on the other side of the table I tried fixing it but I have already locked the screws .. $99 DOWN THE DRAIN I would really appreciate some motivational words and keep the roasts for later?❤️