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  • Welcome to the Reckless Store!

    Some Important FAQ's:

    • All purchases go directly to supporting the community, including paying for our variety of servers, licenses to host them, and other related costs.
    • All purchases are considered donations, but a number of donations also include various perks in some of our servers.
    • All content that is available by donation is either available in game without donation (therefore saving you time in acquiring them), or are strictly cosmetic, in accordance with the game's monetization policies.
    • Please feel free to ask us questions, by submitting a support ticket, or asking in our Discord, Teamspeak, or forums.

Reckless Life Donations

2 products

  1. Become an official Reckless Life Donator and help support our servers! Plus, buy this donation package and a Teamspeak donator channel for your friends or gang and save $5 on the total!


    Level 2 Donator skins


    -Vehicle Skins Multiple's of each

       -Hatchback Sport (7 skins)

       -Hatchback (7 skins)

       -SUV (12 skins)

       -Offroad (8 skins)

       -Box Truck (2 skins)

       -Jeeps (6 skins)

       -ifirit (3 skins)


    -Clothing Skins  (7 total)

       -Dive Suits

       -Rebel outfit



    -Cop Donator Outfit

    -High Priority Support ticket level

  2. Access to Civilian Donator Slots

    Access to Police Donator slots (Public Cop Only)

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