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  • Welcome to the Reckless Store!

    Some Important FAQ's:

    • All purchases go directly to supporting the community, including paying for our variety of servers, licenses to host them, and other related costs.
    • All purchases are considered donations, but a number of donations also include various perks in some of our servers.
    • All content that is available by donation is either available in game without donation (therefore saving you time in acquiring them), or are strictly cosmetic, in accordance with the game's monetization policies.
    • Please feel free to ask us questions, by submitting a support ticket, or asking in our Discord, Teamspeak, or forums.

Server Donations

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2 products

  1. The grassroots contributor package comes with some cool perks! RGN members get 5 dollars off the first month purchase!

    It may take up to 2 days to fully deploy all perks after purchase. (because its a manually process)


    Grass-root contributors help keep RGN on top! Servers are expensive and we like to keep our gamers happy with low latency and powerful machines that provides the best performance when needed. Every contribution from guests and members will be spent on the upkeep of the community and the excess allows us to expand and provide a fun atmosphere and environment for gamers, developers, and all alike! Once you become a grass-root contributor you unlock perks only available to the supporters! The perks are only active with an active purchase or subscription.


    Perks of becoming a grass-root contributor

    • Supporter forum badge
    • Star in discord
    • Private team-speak channel
    • Music bot for your channel
    • Donator level 2 on altis life server(when server is live)
    • VIP team-speak badge
    • Satisfaction on helping us grow
    • Critical priority on any support ticket
  2. a Private Teamspeak Channel!


    -Pick your name 

    -Pick your password

    -Access to Channel admin

    -Teamspeak Badge

    -Supporter Badge


    Plus, if you purchase the Reckless Donator Package as well, save $5 on your TeamSpeak channel!


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