• Reckless Gaming Network Servers

    report offline servers in our discord support text channel
    also our network status page may help you troubleshoot

  • discord.pngDISCORD

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    Discord, a cutting-edge communication platform for gamers, is the Reckless Network's primary text communication method. Discord is the best way to introduce yourself to and meet fellow Reckless Gamers, and find those to squad up with.

  • teamspeak.pngTeamSpeak


    Reckless Network's primary voice communication platform. It is used for communication for our cops in Altis Life, for the primary communication in our RSF server, and the best place to meet with and play with your fellow Reckless gamers.

  • rust.pngRUST

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    Join up with your squad and defeat others in Rust, a game where preparedness is the key to survival. Gather resources, build your base, defend against raids, and raid others. Our Rust server is maintained by dedicated admins.

  • armamilsim.png110th Reckless Company

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    Our Arma 3 MilSim unit the 110th Reckless Company encourages all to participate in squad combat. Utilizing strategies, tactics, and skills to defeat enemy forces. When there is no ongoing ops, the insurgency server will be online.

  • ark.pngARK

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    Tame dinosaurs, gather resources, build your base into the technical era, and compete for dominance of the world of dinos. Intense combat, fair gameplay, and active admins make our Ark: Survival Evolved server the ideal one.

  • minecraft.pngMineCraft

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    Join us in our heavily modified vanilla Minecraft server and have the opportunity creatively build whatever you desire, or, work with friends to survive against other factions. The choice is yours. Don't let them see the weapons you've been stock piling!