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Found 9 results

  1. I've got a few weeks to browse for a good deal on a new graphics card while I wait on my tax return to come in. I'm looking for a 1080 or 1080 TI, I don't want a FE card. I've been looking at the g1 gaming cards, as I'm very happy with my previous gen 970. If anyone knows of any good deals online, or happens to have a used card let me know! The limit and major draw back of the 970 is the VRAM and not using the full 4gb the card has. I know it could run that monitor in 1440p decent, but I'm over due for an upgrade for myself too. Using it to run my incoming Predator X34. Specs I5 4690k @4.7ghz 16gb ram 256gb ssd 970 g1 gaming
  2. Hello fellow gamers, I'm currently getting into the Bitcoin mining and I'm looking to make my very own rig! I was hoping anyone is offering graphic cards for a reasonable price. You may ask why not get a Antminer but those are to much. Also is their any other miners out their in the community that has any tips? Thanks, Adam Bello
  3. Now that I have a few subscribers on my Twitch channel, I would like to have custom emoticons made for said subscribers. If you are interested and skillful in this particular area we can link up and get creative as well as talk about proper compensation. Here are the sizes: Small (28 x 28px PNG image with transparent background. Max 25kb) Medium (56 x 56px PNG image with transparent background. Max 25kb) Large (112 x 112px PNG image with transparent background. Max 25kb)
  4. Title says it all, looking for one in great condition. Looking for a deal on here first before I start to look on ebay/craigslist/other sites.
  5. So recently my gaming mouse broke, it was some off brand razor type deal and I didint expect it to last long anyways. But back to business Im looking for some advise, suggestions or otherwise on what I should purchase. I have around 100$ to spend on a new one and would like to know some input before I make any big purchases. Thanks so much!
  6. I have like 100$ to spend maybe on some of upgrades, I have like 150 gigabytes left of storage and already a have my windows on the a ssd cause of my hybrid hard drive. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/4mXjXH This is my currently build, if you guys have ideas link the part and make sure it's compatible. I'm also looking for a extra monitor.
  7. Hello community, I was wondering if anyone has a few spare case keys that I could possibly have? - Thanks , Force
  8. I am thinking about buying a 4 pack of Project Zomboid. I am looking for three other potential buyers who are willing to front $7.50 USD bucks for a copy of it? It will be gifted through Steam after the 4-pack purchase. Please PM me if interested! and happy holidays!
  9. Heyo, first off I'm clumsy as fuck, I've broken like 10 headphones in the past year from either raging, sitting on em, throwing them, running over the cord, ect. I was thinking of buying one that I've already used then I thought, why not ask around? So if you guys have used or are using a headset that you absolutely love, tell me! Also if you have an extra that your not using and want to get rid of post below.

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