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Found 55 results

  1. i made a custom arma 3 scrim mission,tell me what you think
  2. Whenever you get reinhearted T-T
  3. Already getting sued... @Danobot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-WqV6L0QU4
  4. Hey all, just got a brand new episode out for my LSPDFR Series on YouTube doing a nighttime highway patrol. As always don't be a stranger drop a like or leave a comment but most importantly make sure you hit that sub button if you haven't already. Anyways guys I hope you enjoy!
  5. Hey guys just released the first one of my recorded videos while Im on vaction. There is a change of planes unfortunately, Im going to end up having to upload every 3 days instead of 2 due to me being lazy and not getting enough content. Anyways guys I hope you enjoy the episode, Don't be a stranger make sure you hit that subscribe button and have a good one!
  6. Hey guys I got another LSPDFR episode out for you all, In this one I aimed to do a basic downtown Los Santos patrol but ended up having a lot of crazy calls! I actually had a recommendation for this one so make sure you let me know if you want to see any area or type of patrol. Anyways guys I hope you enjoy and remember any support is appreciated!
  7. Hey you guys, Today Im bringing you a important update on my cop series for arma. Thanks for be patient, viewing and hearing me out and have a good one!
  8. Hey you guys, Once again got some brand new LSPDFR content released. We did a park ranger patrol which I thought would be boring but turned out that I got some great callouts in the episode! As always dont be a stranger make sure you leave and like and drop a sub for more episodes. Anyways guys thanks for viewing and remember dont send a park ranger to negotiate down a jumper!
  9. Hey you guys just got another episode of LSPDFR out. This episode was all about highway patrol It had its action and regular parts and ended up being a really good episode! Make sure you let me know if you want to see any thing specific, Next I am doing a park ranger patrol upon request so make sure you let me know what YOU want to see. Anyways guys I hope you enjoy!
  10. Hey you guys just got another episode of LSPDFR out. I decided to try a airport patrol for number 7 and lets just say pretty much everyone wanted to kill me in this one, We did get a lot of action on the patrol but it didint turn out that bad. I hope you guys enjoy the episode and if you do want to see me do a certain type of patrol and area let me know, and as always any support is welcome!
  11. He guys my first RPD rp video please leave some feedback it would help a lot .
  12. Compilation of frags over the past week. Excuse the tiny black bars I don't know why they're there. I also apologize for the keyboard click sounds, for some reason shadowplay picks everything up when I save a video. Song is "Everything" by Michael Buble Turn volume up the music is super quite for some reason. Enjoy
  13. yup back with another one and hell did this one get rushed slightly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxwdqkrH69M&feature=youtu.be
  14. Little Video I put together real quick Subscribe for more content! https://youtu.be/1VNbNH91oF8
  15. This is one of the truest videos about Cod I've seen.
  16. A day in the life with Blackwater Global Corperation. I hope you enjoy.
  17. Sup guys, Brokenbones or CrowdJump here. So we have ALL experienced bad RPD, pubs, and Explorers. So i need those awful cringy videos of cops who cant RP, don't value their life, and more cringy shit. -The point of this is to call out the people who are RPD and cannot follow simple polices like valuing their life. Its time to fix RPD. It will go into a new Series called "Cops: The Bad" Send the video links on YouTube or other sites in a PM only so no one else can see what might be in next weeks videos Start sending!
  18. Check out this new short film that has hopes of becoming a full feature film within the next year. It puts a whole new spin on the idea of superheros and how they exist in our world. It gets rid of all the big fighting and city destroying and replaces it with real life issues. I'm no movie critic myself and can't do it a whole lot of justice by just talking about it. so check it out. You won't regret it

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