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Found 8 results

  1. We are the protectors, We are the ones who have sworn an Oath to Serve and Protect those of the Altis Island and it's Government. WE ARE The Reckless Police Department! Credits: Gewchie Blake BeenJamminMon Bluey Ruben TheMindDoctor Shiffty
  2. Let me preface this by saying this is more of a story (That just so happens to have a screenshot cause I couldnt find a forum where stories could be placed) This is the best moment I have ever had on RGN. So as I am writing this I am in prison serving my 15 year sentence in jail. However, I have never been happier to serve a sentence, because the RPD outplayed me so well. So it all started today when I was challenged to get a 999,999 ticket by the nights end. While, this isnt the hardest thing to do, I wanted to have fun with it and make it harder by doing it in the shit-show we call Kavala. So here my story begins with tons of assaults, man slaughters, a few organ thefts, kidnapping, prison escape, etc... Anywho, after getting caught once, I had a friend pick me up in prison, and we made our way back to Kavala. After we got back, I attempted to rob 2 people at the ATM. Neither complied so I was forced to end both of their lives. Here is where it gets interesting... Little did I know, but there was sneaky officer watching me... Deputy Dan, aka @@Jhordan So, I think I am in the clear and run off like any smart person would. However, suddenly I kept hearing a car driving up to me. I always assume when I am wanted that it is the police. In this case, I was right. An officer was following me... and I was unable to shake him. Every turn I would take, he would be able to follow me in his vehicle. I couldnt figure out how he was doing it. So after a little while of this goose chase, I finally believe I ditched the officer and make my way into the white office building by Kavala square. I tell a friend to lead people into the building where I will rob them. However, as I enter the building I see an officer pull up in front. I had no idea how he knew I was there, he came from the front, I came from the back... it didnt make sense, there was no way he saw me. So I continued up the stairs and planned to get to the roof where I had my last stand all planned out. However as I climbed the ladder, I see an officer poke his head over the edge and tell me to place my hands on my head when I reach the top. Game Over, I lose. So after this I surrender and knew there was no way out of this situation. So, I calmly placed my hands on my head and surrendered to the officer. This is where the entire situation comes unfolding out in front of me. Dan had been sitting on the roof of that building, following me through Kavala as I weaved from building to building. He was giving Officer George my location and that is how he was able to follow me. Once I picked the office building to hide in, my fate was sealed. I made the unfortunate and very unlucky choice to hide inside of the building, that he had been on top of the entire time. Dan played it insanely well, and even though I was able to avoid the officers for a while, I lost in the end. It was one hell of a capture and could not have been happier to go to jail after he played it so well. It was honestly the most fun moment I have ever had, especially once I learned the nature of my capture. Thanks for the fun time
  3. I mean, at least he wasn't rude about it:
  4. 3 dead and no one was left with eyebrows
  5. Our first Iron run last night! Perched up and covered in another game mode. Getting some air in a new map download

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