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Found 85 results

  1. What 3 games are you awaiting for in 2016? Post 3 videos with the trailer!/reveal! Try not to quote other people's posts as repetitive videos are the worst... Hopefully this becomes a list for people to keep their eye out for the games below! Mirror's Edge 2: A parkour style game that follows the awesomeness of the first! Adrift: Interesting trailer and concept, I look forward to seeing what this is! Blizzard's Overwatch: A TF2-like game where teamwork is vital for victory!
  2. Happy Birthday bro! Hope you have a great day!
  3. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 23rd Birthday and hope you have a great day!! @@BeenJamminMon
  4. I've grown tired of hearing and seeing this and today I have at first hand witnessed it. My problem is active admins or taking admin action in a situation that you were involved in. There is no doubt we are all human and are all subject to our emotions the problems comes in when you give that human powers to take revenge / or act out of spite. Today I received a kick for rdm no report no talk in ts no admin message just a kick. The player I yelled at twice and the killed afterward kicked me. This is the one thing I absolutely hate and personally it ruin the gaming experience for me. I do not have a problem with admins in game I just believe if you come to play the game, play the game. If you come to moderate the game, then moderate it. Work and Play don't mix and I'm tired of seeing people getting kicked/banned out of spite. I believe that a solution is that an admin to bring legitimate evidence to another admin and then that admins deals with the situation. I look forward to seeing this discussion and this post is not meant to call someone out or insult anybody. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
  5. Ok today me and school have learned that over our two week winter break, that one of our students/my friend died. This is rough time right now for both his family and our school, so you wont be seeing me around a lot b/c of this. All i want to say is that whatever happens in life, keep going dont make one thing get in your way to make you dreams come true. Whatever makes you mad or thoughts of suicide, try your hardest to remove those thoughts and seek help by friends and family. Lastly i wanted to say is enjoy every moment you have in life big or small and to keep moving forward. R.I.P. Buddy
  6. My PC has recently had issues but I cant quite put my finger on what it is but i have my beiliefs. Mostly, but not all the time when i load in to a game (Only when im loading as in joining a game/server) my computer loads it about 98% or competely then it shuts down, no bluescreen just powers off. I have to turn off the power supply and unplug for a few seconds before i replug it back in and turn it on. Powers up fine nothing damaged or anything. I have reseeded everything in the computer too (Graphics card, CPU and cooler and all the plugs) I beilve its either the power supply or power bar but i wouldnt know what causes it. If you have questions or info on this problem it would help greatly. Also, its a 750W power supply. Thank you guys for your help!
  7. So I didn't see a thread already, but figured I would make one. Post some pictures of your favorite Christmas presents you got this year! For me I don't really need a picture but my family was generous enough to send my father and I to New Zealand in May for about a week and a half to go and see as much as we can. This is going to be a graduation present/birthday present/christmas all together and I feel pretty blessed to have the opportunity.
  8. Thanks and congrats to all the guest and members of the community. Today we reached 700 forum members!
  9. I know a lot of you probably don't care but I wanted to give a little insight into the past few weeks for my whereabouts. First, things have been very rocky lately, my back injuries are back in full swing and it is/has been a big struggle. I am currently back at work full time but on light duty and have to go back to my surgeon next week for imaging, information etc. I have begun to hide again because I am afraid of what is about to happen and it will be a huge life changing thing (not that it hasn't already ruined things for me for good, just worse). Second, I was playing Arma 3 Altis Life constantly and able to be in TS and chit chat pretty much everyday for a while, however, as of late I am unable to sit up or stand for what most of you would consider a short period of time, but for someone with a bad back injury, even ten minutes can feel like an hour sometimes. Anyways, I anticipate a return to Altis and hopefully more if and when I am able to overcome the pain associated with these shitty injuries. It is one of those unknowns that can haunt ya for a good while. I hope to be back sooner than later and to be gaming with the family I have grown to love over the past couple of years. Anyways, I hope every one of you has had a great holiday season so far and an even greater New Year's Holiday weekend. Be safe, be smart and don't do anything I wouldn't do, but if you DO name it after me! Sincerely, MiAtCh [RPD-S]
  10. So I recently Tried to log on to the Reckless TS and It says this <22:59:13> Trying to resolve hostname ts.recklessnetwork.com <22:59:14> The TSDNS server 'ts.recklessnetwork.com' does not know 'ts.recklessnetwork.com' Any way to fix this?
  11. Happy Birthday @@Forgotten Ally!!!!!!!!!
  12. ahaha @@Setha and @@David should learn from eachother
  13. Hey it's Chris Kyle signing out here. I have just recently made the decision that it would be best for me to leave the community as it stands. If you have been around the forum you know I have created a unfortunate situation for me and for all people effected. Un banned or not, it would be best for me and for most of the community if i just left. It was a situation I created and now i'm ending it. I wish everyone best of luck for the new year. It may not be a big deal for you but it is for me, and moving on is most likely better for me. If you want to track me down for some reason, I might hang around the Olympus community and making a return to Dayz Stadnalone. And so, if you still have any problems with me then just message me. ~Nick Therrien A.K.A. Chris Kyle
  14. I've been contemplating if I should use my profile picture Im using now. Or this ONE: Comment what you think! EDIT: I have Made UP my mind AND HAVE Stayed with my normal one. If someone wants to lock this topic I would appreciate that. TY!
  15. Happy birthday! @Hugenberg @TamikaLaur @SkyeWither Have a great day!
  16. Friends, Family, Bro dude guys. How has everyone been? I wanna hear it all, tell me about that time you stubbed your toe, or rage quit when you got sent to jail, or killed that npc in fallout you wish you didnt. I have been so busy with work I haven't had time for shitttttt and its pretty awful, so today I don't go in to late so I figured why not hangout for a bit. oh and happy holidays friends

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