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  1. Let Me know what you think!
  2. These Icons will be used for our TeamSpeak! Just click on the links (copy them to your browser) and you will see them!
  3. This voting is for the best federal reserve contest found here-- all votes will be public. There were only a limited number of submissions so be thorough and watch the presentations the creators prepared as well as enjoy exploring the files in the EDEN editor. Feel free to give your comments and criticisms in response! VOTING WILL BE ONGOING UNTIL 8PM EST THE 21ST Download attached mission files to view in editor. Submits.zip How to actually view them in the eden editor Navigate to your documents on your pc Locate the Arma 3 - Other profiles folder Choose your active profile (or one you want to use) Navigate to the missions folder within it Extract the 3 folders from the submits.zip Place the 3 folders in the missions folder Launch arma 3, be sure to use profile you moved the 3 folders to Start eden editor and choose tanoa and load in Click open and load a mission file, check it out, then load another View AlboGravity's Video View Dante's Video View Roz's Video
  4. Everyone tell him happy birthday in the sexiest way possible! Since I am at work, i'll have to give you mine later (if you catch my drift) but happy birthday nonetheless!
  5. Hello my RGN family I have a work out plan in place but I figured I would inquire to everyone what would be their best idea's for working out. As most know I am working towards being a police officer. My of my workout's consist of at home activities (weights,push ups etc) If you have any advice I'm happy to hear what you've got.
  6. Well the day is finally here, Im leaving for California and will not be back for 11 days. I am going to be able to upload some pre recorded videos for my youtube so make sure you don't miss out on those positive vibes. As well I should be able to stay some what active on the forums. So I will see you guys when I get back, take it easy!
  7. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/05/24/police-riot-gear-move-quell-anti-trump-protesters-nm/84888720/ https://gyazo.com/7b416f01bb11b9cc03479c047e242448
  8. So I just wanted to know what are your other hobbies outside of gaming? Yes I know gaming is life but sometimes you need a break, and that what I wanna know. Where do you go when you need a break? I personally go and play Airsoft with friends, watch movies and play board games.
  9. Happy birthday Taco, Mr. Mars, bill nye, window licker, and bill stork! i normally private message people on their birthday but this would be quicker so imma do it XD. have a great day guys, and dont get to wasted, you guys got a lot of life a heard of you guys! anyhow keep doing what your doing and make this day the best day of your year!
  10. Is there a way to increase the gps size, it seems kinda of small and I would like to move it around etc and increase size.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-1-Exclusive-Collectors-Xbox-One/dp/B01F80SU58/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1462690199&sr=8-5&keywords=battlefield+1
  12. I would love to start like on GSN had a weekly podcast on twitch or some platform. Maybe play some tabletop simulator. Or just there webcams. 3 people regularly people or 2 and maybe bring a guest idk. Get us out there and it would be fun to watch idk. Just some ideas.
  13. Today I'd like us all to talk about a topic I know we all hold near and dear. Video games Lets discuss a few things with this topic what you believe is the best game out currently. so like best recent release. what was the first game you played . what gaming is to you and why you do it. I of course, will start us off. ​Recently it seems to me not a whole lot of noteworthy games have been released on the market that didn't involve either guns, or... well yeah guns. There have been a few games I've noticed like one called Stardew Valley it's a pretty simple game where you play a farmer, I've been enjoying it. Away from my personal opinion I believe the best game of this past season (2015) was Fallout 4. Between all the top sellers like Rocket league, Ark, and many others, this one seems to be the most backed in positive opinions. As far back as i can remember the first game i ever played, and kept playing over and over was... and i cant remember the exact name but it had to do with Spongebob Squarepants. I would play this constantly on my Nintendo Gameboy. That was my first memorable game and what I believe got me into all this. Gaming to me is... A chance to live another life. Simply put. You turn on whatever machine and boot up whatever game or insert whatever disc or cartridge and within minutes you can be one of so many things. A world class athlete, a solider doing his duty, some poor soul being hunted by a monster, a guy trying to live off the land and build a home for himself, and just so many others. It's truly a wonderful experience and we are so lucky to get to experience it everyday. thats what gaming is to me.
  14. What do you guys like to do outside of work and RGN. Personally I don't have a hobby and I would just like to know what you guys do for fun and have interest in. I'm trying to get into astro photography which is extremely expensive and won't be able to pursue for a while down the road, but that stuff is interesting to me and I feel it is worth my investment. Here are some questions I have for you guys. How expensive is your hobby? How much do you love your hobby on a scale of 1 - 10? How often do you sit down and do your hobby? The hobby I want to pursue is very expensive like I said. If you would like to take a look at what I'm trying to get into go here: https://www.reddit.com/r/astrophotography/top/?sort=top&t=all
  15. Hello everyone at RGN, as of lately I haven't been as active on the forums or even in game, and I've started to feel like I've been wasting my time in my real life. I have missed out on way to many opportunities, that I could have done just by taking a break. But I didn't because I just love this community way to much. I'm going to be taking a break for just over a month to see how things go. I also am having some issues with friends at school, and with my family. So I feel it will be best to just take a break and completely focus on things that will better me for the future. Now that I'm starting to get older and have more stuff that I want to try. I also am feeling that I'm not really happy at this time. So I want to go and try and have some fun while I still can. I love you guys. See you soon
  16. So I was wondering if anyone would think that it would be cool to have an area on the map or a small designated city of something to have set times for battles between gangs ect. Or a whole seperate server that's small and you can reserve for gang battles without having cops.
  17. Wishing you the best on your birthday @Hawk5602, @@ShayneStei. Don't worry about gifts. I already got a pleasant "FUCK YOU" from Jamessuler on Sunday. This one definitely made my top 10 best moments on GSN list. If you want to see it live https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=_X_slLYFOVM
  18. Im bored. Make me laugh,cry, or something else by replying I'll be checking this every 7 hours or less to see what happened. This thread will be removed in exactly 10 Days from now (3/21/16 10:16 central time) Whoever replies with the best random thing or whatever will win a surprise. Awards ------------------------------- Most Generic Comment - Agony
  19. Hey guys its me TheMindDoctor! Before GSN shut down I was on my way to becoming a police officer and I donated over $100 to the GSN Community. However I have yet to finish my last giveaway... everyone left and I was left with the key that I couldn't give away so that will begin soon. However I wanted to stop and give all of the developers and staff of RGN a round of applause. You are basically the #1 Altis Lifes server at this point with an active forum administration and police force that are well trained. I always hear great things about this server so Congratulations. I'm currently working on my own project therefore I cannot join your server but I will however finish my giveaway here on the forums!
  20. It's about this guys second worst day of his life. Part 1: Part 2: My teacher put it on during school and I saw about 20 minutes of it. Went home and finished it. At first I wasn't really paying attention, just listening to the story and having a bag of mixed emotions as he recounts the day of Operation Red Wings. Really listen to what he is saying here. So many things he touched on that have to do with what all of us go through in life, and how most of us are just living it and thinking about it wrong.
  21. I have only been a RGN member for a few week and I already love it here, the staff is quick and reliable and make their servers fun. Keep it up guys! Love Sam
  22. I am just going to sum this up in 2 images. In the last 2 weeks... ive spent over 1 week playing Arma 3... I have a problem...
  23. While playing EMT we got into a controversy. We were arguing over pizza we perfer. Now keep in mind that We are talking about pizza from papa johns, Pizza hut etc. Now The EMTS so far are agreeing on warm pizza is better. please vote and tell me. thank you
  24. Have any of tried this new game by Supercell? It's very addictive I'm looking to see what Decks people are choosing to run with! I'm brand new and looking for some insight and tips!
  25. Hope you have a great day! @@Jimmy

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