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Found 28 results

  1. won this a bit ago and didn't have space for it so a good old re gift All you have to do to be entered is like this post Winner will be randomly picked next Friday October 6th
  2. Game Dev Tycoon & Golf with your Friends Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered in the giveaway and Congratulations to the winners! Game Dev Tycoon! @Austin @Preacher Golf with your Friends @Law Your Steam Keys will be PM'd to you in the next few moments. Enjoy! Hey Guys I am doing a giveaway with the 2 games Game Dev Tycoon and Golf with your friends. There will be 3 winners 2 winners for Game Dev Tycoon and 1 winner for Golf with your Friends. How do you win one of these 2 games? 1) Like the Post 2) Reply to this post saying what game you want and what you like most about Fall. 3) Wait till Oct 7th to see if you won!
  3. Giveaway We met our July donation goal! Woohoo! We get to stay online for longer, and develop servers you keep coming back to! This month since we have met the goal we have decided to giveaway a copy of PlayerUnkown's BattleGrounds also known as PUBG. Many of our members and guests own and play the game, I am sure they would be willing to play with you if you win a copy! What do you have to do to win? Easy. Like this post! Reply and tell RGN what you love about July! Winner will be drawn at random on August 3rd so you have some time to enter, but don't forget! You must not own the game already! If we get 100 or more entries on this post by the drawing date we will giveaway 2 copies, since that is a lot of people.. View full article
  4. Congrats to the winners pm me for your code. @Austin @Gewchie Steam Gift Card Giveaway This giveaway is pretty straight forward, to be entered to win just like this post and comment what game you plan on buying. Two people will be randomly selected and will both win a $20 steam gift card. This giveaway will close on 7/12/17 giving exactly one week to enter.
  5. so i have 3 free 48 hour crunchyroll membership codes that i can give to anyone sooo the codes will be listed below and crossed out as claimed soo grab them while you can if your interested. you will need a Crunchyroll.com account which is free to create. enjoy i guess. >.> T8RAGFFQRKY Exipes 2/25 (USED) 7NTDD5FECL8 Exipires 3/27 (USED) FY7HCULYXFU Exipres 4/26 (USED)
  6. Conan: EXILES That's right. For the first time ever, I, the Goat, am doing a giveaway. I haven't played this game yet, but with the addition of the new RGN Conan Exiles Server, and the boom of players within the community, I've decided to give away 1 copy of the game to the lucky winner of this giveaway. How to Win Like this post (so I can track entries) Reply to this post with a brief background of your intended Conan: Exiles character. Giveaway Requirements Must be registered on our forums and not banned. Must have registered at least 1 week ago. Must be an active member* of our community. How Winners are Chosen Winners will be chosen randomly using an online name picker at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway will end, and the winner will be chosen, on Friday, February 3, or when 30 people register for the giveaway - whichever comes last. *"Active member" refers to members who have made quality posts, play on our servers, and have otherwise been seen within and around the community. Determination of who qualifies as an "active member" will be at the sole discretion of myself.
  7. YOU SEE IT CORRECTLY! $30.00 STEAM GAME! What strings you ask? Like This, Follow my profile, and if you haven't already POST AN INTRO! Rules: You may only post ONCE Tell me your favorite movie! WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING [email protected]?!? POST POST POST POST POST!
  8. Fallout 4 (pc) Start Date: 12/25/2016 Draw Date: 01/01/2017 How to Enter 1) Like this post 2) Comment on this post listing some of the wonderful times you have had this year 3) Be sure to be in the RGN discord! https://discord.gg/pAdZyRq
  9. Call of Duty Infinte Warfare (pc) Start Date: 12/25/2016 Draw Date: 01/01/2017 How to Enter 1) Like this post 2) Join our Discord https://discord.gg/pAdZyRq 3) Comment on this post: what is your favorite call of duty game and what are your favorite game modes. If you never played simply explain why you want the game! 4) Be honest, do you visit RGN's website every day? Answer in your response! 5) Provide some constructive criticism about how we are doing in terms of getting the RGN name out there in the world!
  10. Overwatch (PC) Start Date: 12/18/2016 End Date: 12/25/2016 11:59PM How to Enter: 1) Like this post! 2) Tell us what you _want_ for Christmas before the 25th in a reply to this post 3) Reply to this post quoting your old post on the 25th telling us what you got for Christmas!
  11. Rocket League (pc) Start Date: 12/18/2016 End Date: 12/25/2016 must not own the game to win How to Enter: 1) Like this post 2) Subscribe to our youtube channel here 3) Comment on this post with what your family dinner on Christmas usually consists of!
  12. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (pc) Start Date: 12/18/2016 End Date: 12/25/2016 must not own game to win How to Enter: 1) Like this post 2) Like our Facebook page here 3) Comment in a reply to this post what you hate most about the Christmas season!
  13. Counter Strike Global Offensive (pc) Start Date: 12/18/2016 End Date: 12/25/2016 must not own the game to win How to Enter: 1) Like this post! 2) Follow our twitter here 3) Tweet to us your favorite childhood game! 4) Tell us in a reply to this post if your family uses a real tree or fake tree as a Christmas tree!
  14. Chivalry (pc) Start Date: 12/18/2016 End Date: 12/25/2016 must not own game to win How to Enter: 1) Like this post 2) Join the Reckless Network steam group here 3) Reply to this post with one of your favorite family traditions (like watching a certain movie every yer, etc)
  15. Civilization VI (PC) Star Date: 12/11/2016 End Date: 12/17/2016 How to Enter: 1) you must like this post 2) you must say hello to everyone who introduces themselves in this forum starting from today (the 11th) until the draw date (the 17th) (and I will check) 3) have a computer showcase posted in this forum 4) reply to this giveaway with a link to your showcase and tell us of any future upgrade plans!
  16. Since I felt like putting in my part of the holiday spirit Ill be doing a giveaway of any game for 10$! HOW TO ENTER Step 1: Like This Post Step 2: Comment your all time favorite game Step 3: Have at least a 2 month old account! (No double entry's ) Step 4: Maybe add some memes in there if you want Starts December 13th (today) and ends on December 18th!
  17. GOOOOD EVENING RGN! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I figured with the all the discussions about reviving the RSF server, you all would be in the mood for a military themed bundle giveaway! All the games are retro gems, many of which I have personally spent hundreds of hours playing. The winner the giveaway will win 8 great vintage military themed games. To enter, like the post and comment below saying you want in! Up for grabs: Men of War: Assault Squad IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Joint Task Force Dogfight: 1942 Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology Commandos Collection Battle Group 2 Warfare GOOD LUCK!!!! Muuvie
  18. On the 2nd day of Bobmas, my RGN gave to me... a game on steam worth up to $30!!! HOW TO ENTER... 1.) Like this post. 2.) Have an account at least 3 months old, with signs of activity! 3.) Comment on this post with the BEST Christmas present you ever received. 4.) Good for ONE game worth up to $30, not multiple games.
  19. STEEP (PC) Start Date: 12/4/16 Draw Date: 12/10/16 How to Enter: 1) like this post 2) tell us your favorite thing about rgn 3) follow the RGN twitch click here and let us know your username! Must not own the game and must have a forum account older than 2 weeks from original posted date
  20. Whaaaaat? Another one? Fuck yeah another one. Why? Because if you're in RGN, you get cool shit. You want cool shit? Then work on acquiring membership. In re-cap. Membership = Cool shit. I hope you're taking notes. Same as the other one. You got a week. Like this shit, make her hot, maybe tell me I'm pretty or something. RGN ONLY MOTHERFUCKAS!!!! Entrants: Connor Bob TheMindDoctor Setha Austin Zoom
  21. On the 1st day of Bobmas, my reckless gave to meeeeee...1 copy of Cities Skylines! HOW TO ENTER: 1.) account older than 3 months(with signs of activity) 2.) like this post 3.) Name Your City in comments below! Clarification: name what you'll call your city in the game) END DATE: 12/2/16 11am EST
  22. Hey. I'm Bored. Have a game. Like this shit. Comment. Make the thread HOT. I don't care if you're not a member. Just don't make profiles to enter. I'll know you did it. And I will mail dog shit to your house if you do. You got a week. Deuces. Entrants: SpecialKillerJ Lemons Eagles RisingRonin gunner Connor Desert Hawk daffy Simmybird Riggerman10 zoom zkronos1 Cyanyde John Nick Dante Junior0714 Austin Blueseachicken
  23. Battlefield 1 (PC) Start Date: 11/26/16 Draw Date: 12/3/16 How to Enter: Like this post and reply with your favorite color and food! Must not own the game and must have a forum account older than 2 weeks from original posted date
  24. RGNs BF1 It's a game really beautiful Largo obtained
  25. Hey Guys! I've been in this community for so long and haven't given back... I finally decided since I won a copy of rust to give it away to no one other than the best community out there! To enter the giveaway you have to pick a number between 1-100. There will be a random number generator that will pick a number and whoever has the number wins. Do not repeat any numbers if a number is repeated then whoever used the number first wins the copy (if the number is drawn). End of giveaway is 9/16/16 (If I remember) Goodluck and stay RUSTY! Rust Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252490/

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