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Found 27 results

  1. Sup guys CrowdJump back at it again on the forums. (Anyone notice how organized my threads are its crazy. xDD make the official thread makers for RGN XDDD) So for the upcoming completed YouTube Channel and Twitch, i need some graphics done, i can't think up anything to make so i need some help. You can make as many or as little as you want! You do not need to make all 3 of the "what i need" list. What i need: NEEDS TO BE MUSIC / DJ BASED. Twitch / YouTube Profile Picture Twitch banner YouTube Banner The Twitch / YouTube banner can be the same but you need to adjust resolutions of the image to fit standards for both sites. Optional: Twitch Panel Images Twitter Banner Shirt Designs(Custom ones that aren't the profile picture) Anything you come up with. All pictures NEED to be in high res, including the Profile Picture. Like (800x800 etc) Rewards: Remember, Just because you only made one thing does NOT mean you can't be 1st place. It's about how good it is and what i want, not quantity. But A LOT of good images for different categories is always better. Rules You can change the image when ever you want, so if you make something and see someone else's, you can edit the image, just leave a note on the post so i can tell, DO NOT make a new post. MUST include PSD, it does not need to be posted on the thread, but send it in a private message so i have it, for minor changes in the future. NO STEALING. You can edit your picture at free will, just don't copy someones design, i can tell. 1st Place Free Saltified / PumpedDigital / CrowdJump Apparel On Release(Choose any 1) Moderator For The Twitch Stream Private Lesson's For DJ'ing Exclusive download links and sneak peaks of upcoming mixes and other cool stuff. VIP Slot for DJ Controller Giveaway. 2 million ingame cash. All credit will go to you. 2nd Place 1.5 million in game cash. Moderator For The Twitch Stream Exclusive download links and sneak peaks of upcoming mixes and other cool stuff. Private Lessons For DJ'ing All credit will go to you. 3rd Place 1 million in game cash. Exclusive download links and sneak peaks of upcoming mixes and other cool stuff. Private Lessons For DJ'ing. All credit will go to you. THESE REWARDS CAN BE CHANGES AT MY CHOOSING, I PROBABLY WILL ADD MORE THEN REMOVE. If you want more Rewards post them in the thread. I will consider all requests sense i can't think of anymore. Winners will be announced when a decent amount of images are in and no one else is really posting.
  2. I'm going to be making some RGN wallpapers I have 2 at the moment that I threw together in seconds just messing around however I will be making plenty more! If you already have some to share do not hesitate to share or create one of your own all Wallpapers will be added to the Dropbox folder! RGN WALLPAPERS NOTE: @@Al Hoff has brought to my attention an important detail and I will soon have folders for most resolutions for all of you instead of being stuck at 1920 x1080
  3. One of my close friends / Gang mates, Matt, made a really awesome logo for the gang. He may be a noob to Arma, but his contributions to the gang are already paying off!
  4. Today, our [THOT] Graphics artist named @@Matt- created profile pictures for everyone in the gang. Here is a few of them below. (This is the last post I will put for designs relating to [THOT], @@Matt- will be doing them from now on.)
  5. I need anywhere between 5-8 illustrations done and am looking for some quality work. These illustrations will be used for emotes so they will be drawn full scale and then downscaled to 112x112 pixels. All of the illustrations will be of a lion in an emote form, not Disney-like and not realistic either. I am happy to provide more details and examples if needed. Just reply to this thread, PM me, or message me in TeamSpeak if you are interested and have any examples or a portfolio I can look at.
  6. Evening, all... Just finished up the official profile background for THOT Members, none are currently complete other than my own SITE'S DEFAULT LOOK Because of how the site is programmed, custom background for profiles auto scale to fit the page, and it distorts how others view people's backgrounds, so what I design, doesn't quite work with everyone. Nonetheless I'm entirely proud of what I created, and have brought the idea of a fixed resolution up with a staff member to hopefully be changed. THOT PROFILE BACKGROUND
  7. http://postimg.org/image/jkkzy403l/ Original Banner Made By RoganFPS Edited By Trunks -Tell me what you think-
  8. http://puu.sh/neXcS.jpg (@@TwisT) http://puu.sh/nf1ut.jpg (@@Eagles) Quite big, so uploaded to puush. Tell me what you think! I will upload all of my 2D concepts here for other people to view/get ideas from!
  9. Nothing too fancy, but today I was working on some very very basic designs for our gang [THOT] on the Altis life server for Arma III. First off, the logo we used at the top of our Gang post THOT seal of approval Badge Made this for a signature, just to learn I could not use it Oh well. Profile background used on my profile page (And soon to be other THOT members pages)
  10. This Is Taco. I am very talented. Hit me up if you want a portrait! Taco is the Illuminati
  11. Just my summary when i play
  12. So as most of you guys know. I have been gone for some time. Being that I started work and college from 5am to 10pm on week days. Anyway, I was sitting in a writing class, bored out of my mine of course, and lo and behold. The old comic series I drew in the back of my notebook. Mind you. I drew a crap ton of these some time ago and posted about 3 of them. In any case. I have returned, somewhat, with the comics in hand. So sit back in your chair, rocker, toilet, and love seats folks! Because there are plenty more crappy MSPaint drawings I have to throw at you guys! Original Drawn Version
  13. Anyone know where I can get a FREE Photoshop CC key?
  14. Zorah

    art Logo

    One of my logos: This post has been promoted to an article
  15. made a few background whit rgn logo on it. also added a few whit the new logo.
  16. just spent some time with @Danobot and he made me this very sexy profile pic
  17. I'm sorry but it had to be done...
  18. Started from the Bottom..... Now we here Just a moment to reflect what the website used to look like.
  19. Every ones favorite low poly, terribly drawn MSpaint, art, stuff, is back and this time as a daily comic! These were originally suppose to be posted on GSN but alas there were problems... //I have been denied access to my old post from GSN and cannot provide the links to the old ones. (Sad Day) In any case. Here they are: Original Drawn Version
  20. Well. I was too lazy today to use MSPaint to make the comics. So instead. Have this drawn version. And a cookie! http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/

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