• Reckless Network Recruitment

  • Statement

    Welcome to RecklessNetwork.com a growing community housing gamers, streamers, developers, and noobs hellbent on having fun and getting reckless. Reckless Network offers many outlets of opportunities for those interested in video and series productions, press and social media, graphic design, server moderation, community moderation, and the general community atmosphere. We are always looking for new members to get reckless with us, so here is some important information to help you get into the community.
    Disclaimer: RecklessNetwork leadership reserves the right to decline any application and terminate any membership for any reason.

  • Recruitment Requirements

    • Must be a member of the Reckless Network Discord [www.discord.gg/rgn]

    • Must post an introduction in Discord

    • Must fill out an application form

    • Must not hold a rank within another community

    • Read, Understand, and Follow RGN’s Code of Conduct (CoC)


    Recruitment Qualities

    • Mature and respectful towards others

    • Engages other members and guests

    • Active in Discord

    • Loyal and trustworthy


    Application Process

    • The first step in the application process is to introduce yourself on Discord and get to know the community. Reach out to members to get a feel for how RGN is and if it’s a good fit for you. We want mature, respectful, and level-headed people to be in RGN.

    • If you feel like RGN is the home for you and you would be a good fit, the next step is to fill an application. Please double check your form for any typos to make sure that all the data entered is correct.

    • Next, continue what you were doing! Keep hanging around the Reckless Discord, the Reckless website, the Reckless servers, and all of our platforms! Someone will reach out to you regarding your application and the status of your application. It will either be approved, sent back to you for completion because you missed something, or it will be denied in the rare cases someone already has a bad record. If your application is approved, you will get an “Applicant” rank so everyone knows you are looking to join the greatest gaming community!

    • If your application is approved, it will be processed and we will continue to observe you and your involvement in the community. Once we feel we have gotten to know you, we will reach out to you to let you know whether you have been accepted into the community, put on a wait list, or denied.

      • Being accepted means you will be be promoted to a “Recruit” and given the appropriate rank and tags on our platforms.

      • Being put on a wait list means that we still need to see more of you and your application is still in good standing.

      • Being denied means that your application was rejected and you will not be permitted into RGN. Details will be provided whether you will be able to reapply in the future or not.