• Reckless Network Recruitment

  • Statement

    Welcome to RecklessNetwork.com a growing community housing gamers, streamers, developers, and noobs hellbent on having fun and getting reckless. Reckless Network offers many outlets of opportunities for those interested in video and series productions, press and social media, graphic design, server moderation, community moderation, and the general community atmosphere. We are always looking for new members to get reckless with us, so here is some important information to help you get into the community.
    Disclaimer: RecklessNetwork leadership reserves the right to decline any application and terminate any membership for any reason.

  • Reckless Network Is Invite Only

    Our community is kept invite only in order to keep out the undesirables. A persons character, ethics, and behavior play a strong role in deciding their membership here at RGN. Additionally, by evaluating people based on their maturity it allows us to stay clear of unnecessary heartache. If you are level headed and active your chances of being invited into the community increase dramatically.

  • Recruitment Requirements

    • Be vouched for by an RGN Leadership Member
    • Be voted into the community during a monthly Leadership meeting

    A Recruit is generally..

    • An active poster on our forums with an introduction topic
    • Active in our discord and teamspeak
    • Actively engaging and playing with our community and members
    • Not a drama instigator or deceitful person
    • Level headed with a mature mindset or temperament


    *Disclaimer : Core Members, Staff Members, and Founders are the only individuals capable of vouching for an individual. Do not simply ask to be vouched for if you are new, that is not how it works. Stick around and have some fun, it is at that point the future of our guests get a bit brighter.