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  1. "I need a joystick!!!!" One of the first questions I get from flight simulation newcomers is 'What joystick should I buy?' It's a question I always anticipate, and it makes sense for them to ask it. While yes, modern sims have the options for 'mouse steer,' and keyboard inputs are always accepted, they don't give you that immersive feeling and it's difficult to suspend disbelief when using less than convincing controls. Once they start shopping around, they quickly are overcome by the saturated market of various controllers, ranging from simple, entry level joysticks to multi-thousand dollar solutions. Look forward to a detailed blog post specifically on the range of available products in the near future. Right now I want to focus on controller in particular. One that blends the best aspects of affordability and performance. Meet the Thrustmaster HOTAS This is a $50 joystick and at the time of writing, on sale for $36. HOTAS, which stands for 'Hands on Throttle and Stick,' is what you would think it means. Instead of one assembly for the joystick and a small thumbwheel on the bottom for your throttle inputs, each are given their own separate assemblies. This HOTAS separation is what all the high end controllers utilize, but remains at entry level pricing. The throttle can be separated from the joystick and the two units can be placed on the left and right side of your body. As for the cost, particularly why it is so low. This is an entry level joystick. It's cheap, and it's functional, but it lacks all the bells and whistles some of its more expensive cousins have to offer. It's not pretty, it certainly will NOT be winning any cosmetic awards, but these are the trade-offs to have a solid performing joystick at an affordable price. Now, I use this joystick. I've used many other high-end offerings in the past, but I bought this thing while on a deployment in 2011. My thinking was that it was going to be knocked around and beat up for 8 months, may as well get a cheapo that I won't mind being busted up by the rigors of forward deployed life. Well, it had other plans. Not only did it handle the use and abuse of that deployment, it has remained, to this day, my primary joystick. You can't break it. After nearly 7 years and thousands of hours of use, it performs like new and I intend on having it for years to come. I do want to point out one 'downside.' And I put that in quotes because I personally do not think of it as a bad thing, in fact it's because of this feature that I am able to fly a helicopter in Arma so well. It has a detent in the center of the throttle travel. It's small and requires very little effort to move to the full throttle position. In civil sims, while using turboprop and turbine powered aircraft, I have set it up so that forward of the detent is positive thrust and behind the detent is my beta range and reverse thrust respectively. The detent itself being idle. In Arma, the detent, by default, lies exactly on the throttle setting to maintain a hover in helicopters. It's because of that that I am able to fly them so well. Having that sort of physical reminder of where my throttle is in respect to where I want it to be gives me that much more control over what I am flying. So that's that. Thrustmaster HOTAS. Cheap to buy, easy to operate, won't win any beauty contests, but will more than get the job done. Look forward to a blog post further elaborating on the other more expensive options you have at your disposal.
  2. hi im riley

    Welcome to the forums brother!
  3. Hola RGN! Figure it is well past due for a status update in case anyone noticed my absence for the entirety of the year. For my friends who knew me from beginning, long time no see! For those of you who came on board after January....hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Muuvie, formally Bill. Long time GSN/RGNer who climbed his way up the ranks. Actually made staff a few days into the beginning of my little sabbatical, funny how things work out? Update on me. I am alive and well. For those who knew my career plan was to go into air traffic control, unfortunately that is not happening. I made it far along the difficult application process and was approved for a slot to the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, a medical was required. I say unfortunately, because a previously unknown condition I have was brought up to the attention of the examiner. Long story short, I was denied my medical for ATC, and my medical to fly planes was revoked. I'm currently working with Veteran's Affairs to coordinate the heart surgery I will eventually need. No worries, I'm asymptomatic, but show just enough of the condition to ground me. It will be fixed, but not before I'm too old for ATC. I will fly again though! I also met a wonderful young lady (a large part of my previous gaming time is now dedicated to her, sorry guys!) She partakes in many of the hobbies I enjoy, plus some!! We both skydive and fly planes, she's in fact going to be a higher qualified pilot than myself soon! Plus side to this is that I get to get into the air quite regularly. (Flying upstate to do some jumping this Saturday in fact, then off to the parents' to drop off a belated Mother's Day gift.) For a while, I will remain absent. There is a silver lining though! The GF is moving to Maryland to attend the Naval Academy with the goal of flying jets. In the fall, I will be relocating there as well. My new plan A now that ATC is gone is flying, (when I can) and aviation maintenance. Already busy underway getting qualified for that. When I do move down there, I will be only seeing her for the first couple years for 12 hours on Saturdays. Kinda sucks, but let's give it a shot! In the meantime, I will have some free time dedicated to return to RGN full force, but this will not be until the fall. I love you guys, just wanted to say WASSUP, and to see how the house is! Muuvie/Bill
  4. VATSIM and PMDG #ALLDAY I accept your rotary and raise you an instrument, commercial multi.
  5. Ladies and assholes!! Your attention please. You may have noticed a fair amount of your fellow RGN members thoroughly enjoying wrecking shit in Overwatch. Maybe you wanted to get in on the action, maybe this is your opportunity. Requirements: RGN member in good standing Like da post Comment! If your familiar with team-based multiplayer shooters, tell us your preferred play style. Brownie points go to healer mains!!! Drawing will occur whenever the hell I feel like it!!! MOVE THE PAYLOAD! Entrants: Connor Austin Jack Reacher Thorvald Deathview_games Tristan Eagles Zoom Cyanyde Butch Coolidge Connor
  7. Congratulations to all who were promoted! You deserve it! And to our new recruits, welcome to RGN!
  8. I love this shit, I've been following virtual air show teams for years. Here's a classic. A little dated, but still amazing.
  9. .

    Herro fellow NY'er
  11. I just wanted to thank you again...since I feel like the first one wasn't enough.
  12. If I'm not everyone's favorite Muuvie, then CoC's are going to be handed out like candy. Get ready for my boom-boom stick.
  13. Welcome to the forums dood!
  14. HOREY SHEET Thanks man!!! You're a fucking beast!!!

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