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  1. Hey guys, Since everyone is wanting to move to weekdays for raiding and I'm sick of pugging basically everything except our weekend raids, I have canceled my account. So don't worry about my input for raiding times. It has been fun, and the raids we did was some of the most fun I had playing wow in forever. It wasn't an easy decision to make because I do enjoy MMORPG's and wow is the mother of all mmos currently. I won't go into any of the other reasons that helped me make this decision because who cares right. Have fun! Kill Xavius on mythic for me. -MasCrouix
  2. Welcome back, let the obsession begin.
  3. MasCrouix


    Welcome, officially. For the Alliance!
  4. Welcome _Reason_ I hope you find a good team here, we play lots of different games. Make yourself at home.
  5. Just as a point of clarity, that button mashing is not Touri... just saying.
  6. I will be available for Mythic runs this Saturday, I am currently at ilvl 829 healer. We should get 1 or 2 mythic teams together for some runs!
  7. I've been grinding my face off every available minute I've had. still currently 826 ilvl. Maybe we can get some mythics going for guildies since you guys are already ready. I would like to participate.
  8. Hello RGN, We here in the media dept are putting together a new promo video for our community and we want to let anyone that is interested in participating know how they can do it. For those of you that have already sent in your epic videos of awesome gameplay, Thanks! For the rest of you (and even the ones who submitted game footage) if you want to still be a part of this video I have a simple request. 1. Turn on your webcam 2. Record yourself answering 2 of the questions I have listed below. 3. Speak clearly and remember your video may end up in the promo so look your best. 4. Upload your video to google drive and share it with [email protected] Questions: A. What does being a gamer mean to you? B. What do you enjoy the most about the RGN community? C. Have you met any friends while playing here at RGN? D. Did you learn anything while here in the community? E. Why would you want to become a member of RGN? Thanks in advance for any videos submitted! We cannot do it without You! -MasCrouix
  9. It does make it nice. I no longer have to log in before work, etc just to set my missions up. I did notice there are some errors on the map, On the app it showed a world quest for a piece of gear that was not actually available in the game. But over all its ok, seems like it should also do AH etc like the Armory does so I don't need 2 blizzard apps.

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