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  1. Working on uploading a clip of the radar hitting someone doing 86 mph. We went 95+ after them and it ended up being a repair shop trying to overheat the engine.
  2. I'm going to sound like a Staff Member here and it's for good reason. The Altis Life helped the community grow but it grew on false foundation. It filled the community with more unreliable people, trolls, and very few people who were good for RGN. The development side was a pain in all of the developers asses (majority of them thinking theyre some kind of hot shit minus boguu and Ronduth.) Enough banter though... Arma 3 is the problem. This community tried 3? 4? 5? Times to spark some sort of life server and because of Arma 3 and it's development platform it was too much of a pain in the ass to deal with broken servers upon patches, hackers, trolls, and crashes brought on my fixing something else. Altis Life was a developers nightmare of Bandaids, Electrical Tape, and Hot glue. All of it failed to hold and it didn't help when people were crying and leaving to go somewhere that has the community base to pay for developer work. I miss it sometimes and other times I remember the way games like Arma 3 made me... cost me a lot in this community. No from me. Hoff works his ass off to bring you a dedicated GTA 5 server that's 100x better than Arma 3 quality. Play it.
  3. @mav2003 I think you were the one wanting to see more (and the uniform.)
  4. Members of RGN, A few weeks ago I received an acceptance letter into the Arkansas State Police Trooper School. Prior to that letter I passed Mental and Physical tests proving my capabilities to be part of the program. Last week myself and 60 others entered the final most stressful mental test of them all. A polygraph test in front of the State Police Commision. It is with regret and disappointment in myself I announce my failure to pass this extremely stressful test. I do not know the exact reason behind it but it is clear the Committee does not believe I am sound enough to be a Trooper. However, In the back of my mind I know I am not the only person who failed. And that motivates me to better my mental status until the Troop class of 2019. Since my leave I have sold my PC, and have been at the gym daily. I have seen a substantial difference in my life. Be it weight loss or demeanor. I also ironically began working for them and have a full time job which I've been looking for, for months. I apprecite the support all of you gave me. It is clear I still have some improving to do, to become the ideal State Trooper Recruit they are looking for. I'm sorry I let all of you down. - TheMindDoctor
  5. @John Falcon @Ronduth I think I was ready to have a career where it's guaranteed to stay open and there will always be someone needing something. The Restaurant business is in such bad shape right now that it's literally running on badly paid, benefit lacking Chefs and Managers. I was border line alcoholic because it was the only thing that relieved my stress. It cost me the respect and faith of many RGN members and the further I space myself from Alcohol I see what I've done. I love cooking and I love making beautiful dishes but I wanted to be something more. I wanted a job an Adrenaline junkie would thrive at. And being an officer of the law is just that. I want to look good in my uniform and I want to help as many people as I can. Which is my dream and current Goal in life. Plus there's benefits.
  6. My last day at the Restaurant was the 9th of November. I don't think I've ever shown RGN a picture of me in Uniform. The gentleman next to me was my Saute Chef. Kinda miss it. Posted it in case anyone was curious what our line looked like. Not all kitchens are perfectly Shiney, some you can consider filthy yet they'll make the best food you've ever had.
  7. Remembering the fallen Troopers with the notorious Trooper Hat.
  8. I'm doing my best NOT to fuck up before I'm even graduated.
  9. @John Falcon @mav2003 sadly that is against policy. We cannot wear our uniform and take a picture that is not approved by the director because it identifies the agency we work for.
  10. Do you want closer up pictures? It's do able. Happy to get some.
  11. Do you want closer up pictures? It's do able. Happy to get some.
  12. Newer 2016 Cruisers. Idk if any other States are getting the newest Chargers but they're badass.
  13. Negative. You'll be the 5th or 6th person to think that was me.

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