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  1. Both? You seriously expect a Public Officer to have any sort of chance at winning a shootout with only a pistol? No. They should have both if they want it. Sorry.
  2. Q. Rework of economy. A. Economy is set the way it is so people value everything they own. Thus being why we have moved from spawning in with a chunk of cash to enough cash to get you started. Trolls and Rule Breakers tend to be rampant where they can easily spend all of their money on over 70 Quad Bikes... however they can only afford maybe 10 after they've bought the licenses and a car to get the gun. It is also making it so people work for their belongings... Q. Balancing Cops/Rebels. A. What exactly needs to be balanced here?
  3. @Ronduth
  4. Boguu and Jason know the coding. @Matthew don't forget to bounce questions off those two. I want this to happen... I want my crown vic and tahoe.
  5. My prior post about that was deleted with many others because of our switch over from Altis to Malden. Previously we were all having a civil discussion about Running from The RPD or Baiting The RPD. Cop Baiting is Failure to Roleplay. Plain and Simple. You are pissing off a Police Officer to entertain yourself in a manner that does not fit Roleplay scenario. My intent is to make Roleplay better than a Rebel trying to gray area or "Ruleplaying" the killing of a Cop because they want to. I understand this is Arma 3 but Cops aren't your target practice... rob people or do a federal reserve... don't drive through town crashing into people or Police Cars blasting your horn. I can see it being reduced to something as simple as the following versus my previous suggestions. Annoying an RPD Officer by crashing into their Car or Driving through the city at maximum speeds just to encourage an Officer is Copbaiting / FailRP. How? Because youre trying to get into a situation that you know the end result of. This is sort of metagaming. You know you will die or the cop will die. Fail Roleplay. You must have something ILLEGAL on you to run from the RPD. If you are not wanted why are you running? Fail Roleplay. Thank You. I know I make a lot of Rule suggestions but this needs to stop. It's 100% Failure and Refusal to properly Roleplay. You are powergaming by trying to kill Cops which is still a major issue. As an RPD Officer I'm tired of seeing the pointless low grade "Roleplay" and it needs to be stopped. After further thought I will lock this topic and a Poll will be created so that fighting and salty comments cannot be posted.
  6. Copbaiting can easily be an ingame and out of game reference though. It's the same for real life... people riding illegal motorcycles in the city are doing nothing more than copbaiting. This is literally an everyday thing with many people on malden.
  7. What game and server were you on: Arma 3 Malden Life What time/date did the offense occur: 06/23/217 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: Xrellik Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it: Describe the offense: This is something him and his friends do daily. FailRP by trying to bait us into trying to stop them. They then run 100% of the time and call it roleplay. I asked him to roleplay and stop baiting me and he said he's a old asian man thats bad at driving.
  8. Dammit Boguu...
  9. Thanks to the release of GTA V RP servers I've seen 99% of them have Cop Baiting Rules... and its amazing how much immersive Roleplay is found within servers that have the rule. The Rule would contain the following and would simple to follow. Civilians or Rebels may NOT Bait an RPD Officer into a pursuit or gunfight JUST BECAUSE. Civilians or Rebels CANNOT Bait or evade an RPD Officer into a pursuit unless they are previously engaged, are highly wanted, or are preparing for a Roleplay situation. Simple rules... I'm sick of seeing someone doing something as simple as speeding which is 70% of the time a warning from me and is a $5,000 ticket. They run, I end up having to shift 3 and they either get the draw on me or I'm getting the draw on them over NOTHING! Thoughts and Opinions are welcome.
  10. I've noticed this the more I see the videos of RPD and RGNAL Rebels... there people that act like this... And there are people who act like this.... Thanks to the wisdom of Ronduth I am becoming much much better at improving my reactions when I lose and when I win. Everything on our Altis Life Server is Win win win... and when people lose they get upset. Most of them react the same way as video one. I'm not here to start anything... I'm just agreeing with Miatch and Ronduth that its not Roleplay anymore. its win win win win or if I lose I'm going to hold a grudge.
  11. Your blacklist dispute was denied twice. This denial remains from RPD a leadership and you literally have copy and pasted it every single time with a few words changed. DO NOT make another blacklist appeal.
  12. That dates that Destiny 2's beta will run have been confirmed. Publisher Activision announced on its blog that pre-order customers will be able to play the beta on PlayStation 4 starting July 18, Xbox One beginning July 19. The beta opens for all players on July 21. The company also stated that a PC beta is planned for late August, with more details coming "soon." Buy Destiny 2 Here!
  13. Just as we cross the halfway point of June, Microsoft has made available the second round of free games for Xbox Live Gold members. As announced last month, Watch_Dogs for Xbox One and Dragon Age: Origins for Xbox 360 are now available for free. The latter is also accessible on Xbox One consoles through Backward Compatibility. The new lineup's store links and descriptions are as follows: Watch_Dogs (Xbox One, June 16 - July 15) Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360, June 16 - 30) In addition, Gold members can grab a multiplayer DLC content pack for the recently re-released Phantom Dust for free during this month. For those who missed it, SpeedRunners is available to claim until June 30 for the Xbox One. Keep in mind that only claimed Xbox 360 games will remain playable if the Gold subscription is interrupted, unlike claimed Xbox One games, which are only available with an active subscription. Source:
  14. Sony has not made many friends by reaffirming its decision to keep the PlayStation platform separated from cross-network play, and one of its biggest critics is none other than Xbox’s Phil Spencer. Sony recently defended its position to deny PlayStation gamers cross-network functionality in games like Minecraft and Rocket League, stating that it has a “contract with the people who go online with [it]” and has to be careful about exposing the younger audience to “external influences [it has] no ability to manage or look after.” Many fans have considered this explanation to be nonsense, claiming that such a mindset is detrimental to the gaming community. Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently echoed this sentiment in an E3 2017 livestream interview with Giant Bomb, during which Spencer expressed how Sony’s stance wouldn’t benefit players or the industry. “The fact that somebody would make an assertion that somehow we’re not keeping Minecraft players safe I found—not only from a Microsoft perspective, but from a game industry perspective—I don’t know why that has to become the dialogue,” Spencer said. “That doesn’t seem healthy for anyone.” He continued by asserting that Microsoft considers player safety in Minecraft “very important”, and that “the door is open” should Sony choose to reevaluate its stance on cross-network play. Minecraft‘s Better Together update—implementing cross-network play between a variety of platforms—launches later this summer. Source: Source:

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