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  1. Headsets? Yes. Just Yes.
  2. Vehicle ramming to disable my vehicle

    Report is being marked Invalid due to inability to provide video. (Discussed in Direct Message with Forum User.)
  3. TheMindDoctors Food Gallery

    Today's Special. Apple Jam Stuffed Pork Loin Roasted Pepper Potato Hash Granddad Buttered Creminis $55.00
  4. Vehicle ramming to disable my vehicle

    @teifelhouden Do you have any video of this? It seems as though you forgot to give us video of this happening.
  5. Just a mix of foods I have made as well as pictures of Food my fellow Chef(s) have made. Enjoy.
  6. Longer Up-Times

    So you have a lose or win here folks. You've got the restart during prime hours to clear up any nasty bugs or potential server crashing elements or you can risk it and just ride it out until 10pm. In which you will guaranteed see more crashes and the server population will definitely be bad after it crashes to an extent the box has to be reset. Your choice.
  7. Temporary IP which will soon become MC.RECKLESSNETWORK.COM
  8. AS OF 12:38 AM THIS MORNING A MAJOR BOX CRASH OCCURRED. This crash was in such severity that a large chunk of the server user files were reset. However, The new server is now UP! We are porting the world over to it and you will seen be able to resume Minecrafting together on a much faster, more secure, and better maintained server. Thank you for your understanding. - Crush.
  9. Rod Farva. Super Troopers. Played by - Kevin Heffernan.
  10. Rules: 1. You must provide a picture of said Movie Character. 2. Abide by all forum rules... please. To keep this game popular so EVERYONE can play please like it. Do you agree with someone's character? Let them know! Reply! Keep this game alive and fun!
  11. @Jack Reacher @shadow slayer98 @alex tktl @wolfy @muuvie @gunner @Eagles @jake @William Ranger @greg olson @Paronity @echo @Rage @marsendji ALL ADDED Please find time to read the updated post concerning placement of Rules. Under review between Manager and Co-Manager.
  12. "This is brutality!" "I'm requesting a superior officer" "Thats FailRP" "I Want my Lawyer!" Rebels be like. #TasersAreOPRemovePlz