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  1. I think your overthinking it. You wouldn't need to add a whole new table to the database. Just add a column to your existing vehicle table and add it to your stored procedure. Then its just setting the text when you get back the procedure data.
  2. Wouldn't take long to code it in. Also the bug you brought up (if it even exists which I highly doubt since calling a vehicletype with a string is not a good practice) would take an extra 30 seconds to fix. Just did 10 seconds of googling and found
  3. New Taxi system ?

    ^ Also nice Mclaren P1 pic
  4. Umm... So you guys are rebels that stop other rebels for doing rebel things by doing rebel things yourself?
  5. Kavala population

    I think the ideas should be more towards adding incentive for them to get out of kavala instead of taxing them for being in kavala.
  6. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    No... Not really, You also said that cops were not going to be op but here we are with cops having v-tols and UAVs.
  7. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    But... I thought you had need to prove that I was talking out of my ass? Where did that go?
  8. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    I shouldn't have to be a cop to get something on civ that wont take 390 hours of grinding. Please screenshot the top 20. Saying is differrent than proving. I would love to see it
  9. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    The point I was making is that you get a shit ton more XP as a cop than a civilian. So you can revive on civilian long before anyone that is non cop can. Completely ignored the questions and still fails to realize what this thread is even about.
  10. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    Cop's levels also carry over to civilian though. Also you didn't really answer my question
  11. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    So since pretty much all cops can revive right now does that also make getting to 50 revive not really an accomplishment?
  12. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    So you are saying its ok that it takes 395 hours of doing uranium runs to get from 30-50? Did you even read my post at all?
  13. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    My guess is that you got 90% of your xp from arresting people considering someone got 14k XP from arresting someone last night. No, checked this morning and you only get 1 xp per uranium farmed Willing to bet that they are all RPD
  14. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    You guys could do some math and get it somewhere near a reasonable range instead of putting in random numbers. Also why would you gate a REALLY good item behind a currently pretty much impossible level to get to while the cops can get theirs easy?
  15. Why You Will Never Get To Level 50

    If you are actually going to play the game to level up instead of sitting in 1 spot constantly farming for 33 hours: Doing the runs in a hemmit: Aprox Time Per Run: 30 Minutes Amount Per Run: 100 79,000 / 100 = 7900 runs 7900 * 30(minutes per run) = 237,000 Minutes Will take 395 Hours from just 30-50. Also what do you mean by its going to change? Is the level going to go down from lvl 50?