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  1. Umm... So you guys are rebels that stop other rebels for doing rebel things by doing rebel things yourself?
  2. What game server were you on: Arma 3 Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur: November 14, 2016, Not sure on specific time What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting: William Ranger [RPD-O] Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it:(Eg: Screenshots, video recording) Describe the offense: I was finishing up an iron run and I was shot down by RPD-O with no initation. More: I really just want the comp. He said he would comp me but that was 4 days ago and every day I log on to text him about how its going he doesn't have it. I don't really wan't him to get any strikes/bans since it was all a miss-understanding but I lost a lot of money due to this so I just want it back. Comp Amount: Heli: 245k Clothing: 80k 56 Iron at Lowest (1.6k each): 90k 15k in cash on me Total: 433k (I'll take 400k though)
  3. [b]What game did the offense occur:[/b] Arma 3 Altis Life [b]What server were you on:[/b] Life [b]What time/date did the offense occur:[/b] 11/12/2016 Around 5 PM CST [b]What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting:[/b] Stoned [b]Do you have any video evidence? (Sorry for the bad audio, Not sure why shadow play decided to be a potato) [b]Describe the offense:[/b] Not valuing his life by trying to run into every vehicle possible.
  4. I would be intersted I used to trade on my account before I cashed out and it would be pretty cool to just have an account to play on that has some skins even if they are trade banned.
  5. completed

    Sure, Let me upload it
  6. What game did the offense occur?: Alits Life What server were you on?: RGN Altis Life What time/date did the offense occur?: 8 AM 3/20/16 What are the name(s) of the player you are reporting?: -FEAR- Reece Do you have any video evidence? If so, please post it.: Describe the offense.: Was just driving down the road then got crashed into then shot.
  7. I'm sorry to say this but if you think android is confusing you shouldn't even have a phone... *Shots Fired*
  8. I like the song, I don't know if its just my headphones though but it gets increasingly louder when getting to the end of the song compared to the beginning where it gets to be a point where its a bit too loud. (Using HyperX Clouds)
  9. I gotta say I am really looking forward to No Mans Sky

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