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  1. We continued to get feedback that didn't love the name, or that ist was confusing. We are in the market for a new name and trying to get it all converted before we get a lot of people and a following. Feel free to shoot any ideas at me. Thanks for all the feedback so far!
  2. Thanks for the comments and the feedback. We went back and forth on the name a little bit and decided that we liked the way that Dads Rule came to the table. Do the Dads in it rule? Is it our Rule? We liked the ambiguity that came with it. Could it be better? Perhaps. Who knows what the future holds. We are still very much getting our feet wet. Starting with the MC server and then ARK and Eco as well. We were thinking of doing a subscription, but I think we are leaning more towards free now and then offering perks and specials for VIPs and stuff like that. Again, still very much in the baby phase. As always, I welcome any and all feedback.
  3. Hello fellow gamers! For many of you, I am a new face or someone that you have only heard about in passing or through people telling you of the stupid stories that involve me at some point in time. (There are equally awesome stories, in my opinion, but people tend to focus on the ones that make me look stupid ). At any rate, I come to you today with a new endeavor that I have embarked upon. It is a gaming community, of sorts, but with a twist. As you can all agree, one of the difficult things that we have faced as admins of a mature gaming community is making sure that we upheld that mature value. We wanted to do this for several reasons. We wanted to ensure that we weren't the responsible party when it came to "destroying" the mind of innocents children, as well as wanting to be able to enjoy our time without having to watch what we are doing. While this is something that we always strived to do, what if we didn't? What if we welcome those younger generations to the servers with us? What if we built admin tools and systems that allowed us to manage those kids and allowed the parents to take an active role as well? What if we ENCOURAGED the younger populace to take part in our community? That's what we aim to do with our new project, Dads Rule Gaming. We are building a community that is built to support those younger people. A community the allows the parents to be involved in their kids' online doings. A community that weeds out the bad, but still allows for fun. If any of you have kids that would be interested in partaking, have them try it out. We are working hard on getting all of these tools in place to make it a great place for both kids and adults. We are looking into what servers we will actively be hosting and many more things. There are a ton of things in the works. We are excited to get this out there and have people start using it. We are offering a free month of service right now to just have people try it out. The first server we are trying out is MineCraft. We are launching a server that we are calling SafeHaven. If you use the coupon code of "SafeHaven" when signing up, it will waive the fee for the first month. We really want kids and parents alike to get on the server and community and tell us what we need to start the growth and encouragement of it. @emttim and I welcome any and all feedback that you may have. Let me know. Thanks a bunch for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!
    1. Agony


      Nicely written man, sorry to here there are some hard times mixed in but I hope you and your family are having a good holidays, you all deserve it. You're a good dude man, don't beat yourself up too much, life kicks our ass sometimes but it's how we deal with those things that end up as life experience and lessons. Glad to hear the weight loss progress is still trucking along, i'm curious what you're doing as i'm kind of beginning my journey with it and not seeing progress as id like but still trying to keep on. 

  4. New blog post live guys! https://t.co/RqUgZPyZuS

  5. @PineGames Where do I submit a bug/crash for a game at?

  6. I think @steam_support from @steam_games may rival Comcast in terrible customer service.....

    1. Agony


      Steam support is easily the worst out of any company 


      1. Hard to reach

      2. Long wait

      3. Barely any reply

      4. No phone assistance

      5. No live chat

  7. @emttim Sent away! Enjoy!

  8. I have all 3 and don’t need to be entered but I wanted to say that all three are great games and thank you for the giveaway. :-) I streamed the Stanley parable actually, that was an interesting game.
  9. Can I enter? Thanks for the giveaway.
  10. Paronity

    Yoo Hazard

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