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  1. I have been a member in RGN for almost 3 years now and i am glad i have found the RGN Altis Life server when looking for a good server. I had really good memories in RGN Altis Life and it was a lot of fun almost all my hours in Arma 3 are in RGN Altis Life. I have recently wanted to join to the server again but realised it was not there anymore. It is really unfortunate that this had happened considering this was one of the most fun life servers in my opinion. I just wanted to thank BangbusDriver for having his youtube channel dedicated to this server specifically. I have recently started rewatching all of his videos again and it is really nice to remember all these events that took place or funny moments that happened. Seeing all the people that i have rolepayed with one last time remembering the things that had happened nostalgia is hell of a drug. Thank you BangbusDriver for making me and others feel and remember how it was once in the RGN Altis life. BangbusDriver youtube channel if anyone is intrested:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX5sUnqfg1kLDJL2ptisspw (English is not my first language)
  2. I am looking to play CO-OP Hearts of iron 4 with someone if anyone is interested. If anyone is wandering Hearts of iron i a strategy game that takes in World War 2 it is a hard to get in to but a really fun and rewarding game here is a trailer for it if anyone wants to play it.
  3. Fear no darkness -Theoden LOTR

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