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  1. Nice April Fools Joke bud. Almost got me (NOT).
  2. Congrats to all Officers! Best of luck!
  3. Arma 3 in general is dead. PUBG is the big game at the moment, and there are many more games coming out that are going to be big as well. Also, nice video Razzy.
  4. I missed the OLD Altis where people actually had fun and didn't bitch every two seconds. This Altis we had was just annoying, dull, and full of whiners and complaining people. I don't miss this Altis, but I did miss the OLD Altis.
  5. Congrats everyone! Very interesting promotions though . . .
  6. https://ark-servers.net/server/100339/
  7. I was considering that for the interst of PVP going with the rates of 5xG then something along the lines of 50xExp/xT. People with less time on there hands can grab some tames have them leveled and be max level themselves being on a even play field with people who play all day thus making the PVP about skill rather then time on the server. It also reduced the "salt" when people lose their tames in pvp. As for the ORP i woulndt mind seeing some sort of protection, but with the current state of the game it is alot "cheaper" to build a base then to get the required matierls to raid one, thus being said you can make a vault for 300 metal which takes 20 C4 to blow, with a x3 ORP it would make offline raiding still a thing for people who spent the time grinding resources, but also give protection too those who need it. On the Topic of people with less time too play, with or without ORP any Tribe with more time will have more then enought resources to blow into a under defeneded base. The sad truth is Ark jsut isnt really tailored to Solo player with only a few hours to play a day/week. Also with incrased GAther rates it would give casual player a chance to maybe even see some raiding as they wont have to grind for a day or 2 too build there base and get some tames.
  8. Hey man! Welcome and thanks so much for helping with the Malden Development.
  9. I'd actually play ARK if we had a PvP server.
  10. Arma 3 all together for me has been dull, that is why I don't really play much anymore. I mostly stick to PUBGS now a'days.

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