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  1. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    Altis in general has been dying. Arma 3 has been dying. That's mostly the main reason.
  2. Never Change Altis Life

    Lmao, those names are priceless!
  3. Altis Life Game Managers

    Finally some people who are active in Altis Life.
  4. Altis life Dead

    This is false, the community wanted to keep the old database yet the Devs decided to wipe it anyways making anyone who originally wanted to play, pushing them further away. No one likes to grind and this is the sole reason I decided to not attemp Altis Life again.
  5. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats everyone! Very interesting promotions though . . .
  6. Rebel Training

    Why don't they just make it so if you die from a police officer and respawn, then you lose your rebel.
  7. So you are allowed to pick up cop weapons but not use them? Makes absolutely no sense and matter of fact, it has never been like this. Also, you can rob RPD for y items but not physical weapons? You many not ask an officer to give you any items that are not Y-Items even in a robbery. The rules are mangled and I don't even understand why we had to MAKE a whole new ruleset? Why not just use the old Altis life rules that Simon made? Also, in the old rules that Paronity made, it states, Civilians may only pick up civilian weapons off the ground. They may not swap gear if given the option or take things out of the inventory of a dead body. So its ironic that we want the old Altis back, but we don't even get the old ruleset back.
  8. Returning to Altis

    In my opinion, wiping money just doesn't even make me wanna play.
  9. Returning to Altis

    1. Why are public cops donator only? Makes no sense to me, but if someone would like to explain I'd be more than happy to listen. 2. Money's getting wiped . . . AGAIN? Why though? Those are my two questions.
  10. Texting as initiation?

    I thought we were bringing back the old Altis, but now we are removing text initiation's, and possibly resetting the economy so I have to grind again for the 7 or 8 mil I had. Text initiation has been a thing on GSN and has been a thing on RGN and no one had any problems up until this day.
  11. Altis Life I miss you

    I'd also like to see the 1manklan hospital back in place.
  12. Altis Life I miss you

    Interesting discussion so far lol
  13. GTA V RP is NOT Comparable To ARMA 3 Life

    Who compared GTA to Arma 3? It's like comparing Runescape to ARK lmao.
  14. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    Altis Life has always been a deathmatch lol. Altis Life is literally a KOTH for those who get satisfaction killing cops and rebels. That is how it was back in the day, and that is how it has always been. True RP servers are not found on Altis, but on different games such as DayZ, Garry's mod, etc.
  15. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    Shut down Altis and open a KOTH server.