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  1. If you have the money, get the 1080ti
  2. Hey man! Welcome to RGN! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Drugs need to be worth more. I don't understand how catching a turtle is equivalent to selling cociane, but that's my only concern with the economy.
  4. I just like a new map that's not actually dead.
  5. We need to crack down on those who don't present good role play or even try to role play, but these rules really aren't the way of going about it. I'd personally just remove the shift sirens and make it so officers have to message the perpetrator.
  6. I do agree with what you're saying, but I'm just stating that certain rebel groups ONLY RP when a founder or someone like a senior member is present and it's fucking sad to see that.
  7. Officers get a bad rep for not RPing with people, and it's really hard for people like me to even roleplay with rebels or other people that are wanted because they always assume that I'm going to taze and restrain them and send them straight to jail. Ronduth, it is easy for you to sit and talk with cops because you're a founder and everyone knows your voice. Cops and all other players will RP with you because your a founder, but when it comes down to the regular non RGN members, it's hard to RP with certain people. Also I'm pretty sure that if you have rebel gear within a city it is a felony and you can go to jail. I've seen Jamesshuler do this plenty of times to people.
  8. Don't even bring Altis Life back. Gotta have a really really steady population before we even think about having TWO servers up. If Malden fails then switch back to Altis Life.
  9. Go to 4:43 and I swear to god, this is @jamesshuler.
  10. Welcome man! Hope you enjoy RGN!
  11. You can see in the code that it is already ported over to console versions. Can't wait for it to come on console!
  12. Didn't really know you well, but best of luck to you man!
  13. Hey Riggerman, I still love you! Have a good summer and hang with family and friends!
  14. under review

    Please follow the proper format found below.
  15. This is very offensive. I myself am I feminist and Mr. Bangbus is suggesting that we are cruel and terrible people. Bangbus is nothing but a misogynistic man-splaining piece of garbage. What a disgrace. I'm just kidding :)))

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