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  1. birthday? have happy

  2. Hey fuckers! I'm back again. Waiting for altis life to drop

  3. Hey boyos. I'm Still doing milsim stuff if anyone wants to come hang out and join in teh TS is

  4. Hey boys and girls, I'm doing some Arma 3 modded milsim stuff! If you think you would like to join, let me know!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shimapone


      oh, well, it's with the 1stID and 10thAG. the guy that runs/owns it used to play tanoa life here with me. you're welcome to join, of course.

    3. Ronduth


      alright man, feed the info .. i am sure there are others here itching to get some mil sim in   as well

    4. Shimapone


      the teamspeak is


      we're working on getting some kind of website set up, so for now the TS is the only source of info. I'm there pretty much 100% of the time if i'm not at work.

      if you want to find one of the servers, just search "1stID"

  5. what all is there to do in star citizen? I'm thinking about getting it, but i don't wanna buy another game I binge for a week then drop.
  6. god that's scary. I'm looking for my first place, for me and my GF, and I am trying desperately to find an apartment that has shit already in it.
  7. One of these days I'm gonna get those recruit tags.....

    1. MolagTheMighty™


      lol maybe one day. . . . . .

  8. hey guys I'm still alive. been a bit busy this week. went up and met my Gf and helped her move to her grandpa's in Arkansas. now I have to find us an apartment here in Texas before like October 11th.

  9. I can't believe it's been almost 10 months since RGN came to be....

  10. Shimapone


    *necromantic horse noises* I'm bored someone say things

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