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  1. There is nothing quite like the erection you get from winning a game of pubg
  2. i think dealing with these people for as long as I have has given me some sort of autist-immunity.
  3. my whole squad died at the beginning so i didnt figure this outcome nahmean
  4. I regained the breath of the last man

    I'm so relaxed soon we are the blessed one

  5. Happy birthday 21 savage soundin ass

    1. Ronny


      thanks dud

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Your music voice overs are 10/10!

    1. Jack Reddington

      Jack Reddington

      Sounds like he is 21 sav 

  8. The title should be "Becoming an actor", not "becoming a actor", good sir.
  9. Ronny

    Performance Issue.

    With ArmA, it can help greatly to set parameters in your launcher so it can utilize more of your system. Id suggest looking for a guide online about setting parameters, and I'd also switch your memory allocator in the parameters to tbb4_malloc

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