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  1. whitelisted servers = best servers
  2. I know how it works too if you need help.
  3. Rebel - a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler. So, tell me again, not every rebel wants to break laws? such as killing, terrorizing, lol
  4. Hey guys look, 2 people that don't play Altis much more liked this post.. m A y B e I t S s a Y I n G s o M e t H I n G?
  5. Not out my ass. If all you do is shoot people and rob? Where is the role play? Serious question, what do you define as roleplay? My definition would be using fictional scenarios and making them as realistic as possible. And / or, playing as a role. Everyone wants to shoot and kill, where is the realistic part of roleplay then?
  6. My point exactly. Running away for no reason is not a valid RP reason and therefor you can get a player report on you and shit. I've played there before. Lol, I've been reported for cop baiting, it's not a fun time.
  7. never was banned or blacklisted for lack of RP. Banned because I liked to speak my mind. You got demoted 3 ranks lol. Go play on another Altis server with your 13 frames kiddo. You are incorrect. Many Pro RP servers that are alive today, ex, nopixel, project life have this rule in tact. Just maybe roleplay as a civilian rather a terrorist? Facts are facts babe.
  8. No you can but its an RP server not a wasteland server. Do you constantly run from the police in real life? No. You should need a reason to run, ex, youre wanted. All you were was a rebel that killed people so you have no idea what RP even is.
  9. jesus
  10. You do deserve a thank you. I remember I reported someone for RDM, you then saw my DLC watermarks for all dlcs, and you bought me the bundle pack. You truly are an amazing person and deserve to be up there. God bless
  11. affirmative, ghostrider.
  12. @Silenthitter How do I get enlisted?
  13. PM if extra help needed. I know a lot about the game as a whole.

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