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  1. This is my current car, which was my dream car when I was in elementary school and early middle school: My current dream car: I almost got a BRZ. Those things sound nice stock, let alone if you modded it.
  2. Hey, I'm big into the resale business. Right now, I'm decommissioning computers for a doctors office. I'm at the point where I need to get rid of some of this stuff. Dell OptiPlex 3011 - $200 Specs: OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 Bit CPU: Intel Core i5-3470S CPU @ 2.90GHz RAM: 4GB, 1 Stick DDR3 Hard Drive: 500GB Wired Ethernet: Yes Wireless Internet: Yes Speakers: Yes Camera: Yes Warranty: Onsite Service after Remote Diagnostic until February 06, 2017 Service Tag: G197DZ1 Screen Size: 20" Resolution: 1600 x 900 Touch Screen: No Here is my eBay also, I throw misc. stuff on there: http://www.ebay.com/usr/brisingr34 Adding more stuff later
  3. I love RGN because it's where I've met great friends and had tons of fun memories. Also, who doesn't love free shit
  4. Link for the Lazy: https://twitter.com/RgnSocial
  5. Best Christmas Ever: Got a Macbook 08' in like 2012. Wasn't a PC but slowly got me into thinking about buying a PC for PC gaming
  6. I grabbed the fourth one! Thanks so much Noms!
  7. Hey! This is more of a trade than a sell! I have ass tons of CS:GO trading cards So what I am offering is a 1:1 deal! Have 5 cards that aren't from the same game and are useless? Well, trade those 5 cards to me for 5 CS:GO cards that can make you a badge! I have some in my inventory, some on alts. and 40 so card drops remaining in the game Trade Link: https://steamcommuni...&token=fRxwkfME Happy Trading!
  8. Always down to donate to RGN!

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