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  1. @SomeoneYouLike I have improvised with a potato and a keyboard.....
  2. Howdy, Hello, Welcome to this very unimportant topic that you decided to click on because thats the human nature of being curious. Now you're probably wondering what y'all are about to get into, but well get there in a second. For now I would like to introduce everyone to a straw poll, yes most of you are probably thinking its just another pointless boring straw poll asking about certain games or certain opinions, and yes you were 100% correct this is exactly what it is. While i had my departure from RGN and video games in general I was briefly thinking of what video games actually were, and this is what I came up with A virtual reality where you're able escape from what "life" is and to enter an imagination of fun Working together and playing with friends to accomplish one goal which is to win Trying not to rage when you don't accomplish that one certain goal A place where we can have fun without having "real life" problems (unless you get a heart attack from getting to excited from that one certain rare item you get) While playing certain games during my gaming period I noticed that most of us even myself have the mentality to win, win, and win. When we don't win it ruins the the experience for us, and thats the main problem when it comes to video games, (Arma in general). But if we didn't have that mentality the games that include that mentality would be a game with pure boringness and depression. Its hard to sum up what the game would actually be like, but in my eyes it would be like walking your dog in the park but your dog doesn't want to walk (if that made any sense). Soooo why not create an event that has pure mentality of winning, and only winning. A game where you can fight to the death with your friends on your sides fighting your enemies till you achieve that number one goal (TO WIN)!!! So i've finally stopped lurking around the forums and decided I wanted to make some fun events for everyone to participate and have some fun on that one night where the only thing your doing is farming blood diamonds on Arma. But inorder to do this I need your help, I need your opinions, and preferences on what events that should be created. I would not like this to be any event that we previously had, I would like it to be a new and original idea. Please comment any idea you might have and don't be afraid to speak your mind! P.S I've been gone for a while so I'm not sure if there is an event team that actively creates events, but I would like to do this either way. Also if you have any other games in mind other then the ones stated at the top, you are able to suggest them those were just on top of my head
  3. Welcome to the community again my man Really hope you enjoy your stay. PS you go get them rebel scumbags
  4. Really Appreciate it brother, this will go a long way! Talked you soon bbg PS make sure you save some of that good ole meat loaf for me
  5. Look at this Memester.

  6. Ill make sure to tune in and watch it! Appreciate you giving back to your viewers
  7. Truly appreciate you taking the time and money to support this community!
  8. Congratulations everyone well deserved
  9. Bet that whole thing is gone for the amount of shit you deal with daily

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