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  1. Look at this Memester.

  2. Gears of War
  3. I'll be there in your heart @SomeoneYouLike
  4. Ill make sure to tune in and watch it! Appreciate you giving back to your viewers
  5. Truly appreciate you taking the time and money to support this community!
  6. Welcome !!!
  7. Congratulations everyone well deserved
  8. Just watched the video and clicked no before I watched it, but looks pretty dope
  9. Rank Structure * President * @Lucas Ashton * Vice President * @SomeoneYouLike * Specialist * @Badger @Boomsticks * Private @Roz * Head Pilot * @Boomsticks * Head Tactical Planner * @Badger * Head Sniper * @Lucas Ashton * Head Assault Team * @Roz @SomeoneYouLike Mission Goal Our mission is to serve Altis as a rebel group. We will spread RP and bullets throughout the Altis Island. We're an independent Rebel Group that will rob those who are rich and help those who are in need. We believe and will support those who are poor and struggling and help them fight against the wealthy and over rated organisations on the Altis Island. We will protest and kill those who go against the Rebel Gang until we get what we would like in a situation. - May Those Who Are Poor Become Rich - Taxation At the end of the day we're a Rebel Group and also need money. If you're found doing any type of Drug Runs / Money Runs in our territory you will be taxed 20% out of everything you sell. If we stop you and warn you about giving us 20% of your total sell revenue during that run and you fail to give it, you will go onto the "Kill List". Rules 1. Follow Every and Any RGN Rule 2. Respect Your Fellow Gang Mates 3. Work Together 4. Have Fun 5. Roleplay Special Jobs Armed Escort - 100k Assistance With Robbing - 150k Assassinations - 200k Jail Breaks 120k How To Join In order to join "Meh" you will need to VIA PM "Lucas Ashton" or "SomeoneYouLike" on the Forums. Template For Forums Message - InGame Name: Why Would You Like To Join: What Could You Increase In The Gang If You Join: Bank: Skills: Territory Athira Airfield Agios Pyrgos Selekano
  10. @Ryann Like I said, I deeply apologize for the waste of time and for you failing it. I'm free on TS if you have any concerns.
  11. Boot Camp is a newly created type of "training" for one of the recruitment stages. I was unable to make it, but what I have been hearing is that it needs a lot of work and the RPD clearly sees that.... What comes with perfection is trial and error, we have learned what went wrong and will fix it for the next upcoming Boot Camp. I sincerely apologize on my half and for the rest of the RPD if time was wasted, if it was annoying, or very unplanned, and unorganized. We will make sure to our best ability that we fix these problems and hold a efficient, legitimate, academic, and a organized training. Now as we speak there is no point of going back and fourth, the training was done and in the past, we have learned from our mistakes and will in fact fix it. Hope everyone is willing to take this apology and hope to see everyone at the next upcoming Boot Camp. Lt. Lucas Ashton RPD Leadership
  12. Welcome Man!
  13. bootcamp

    APPLICATION ON HOLD Thanks for your application. Your application has been provisionally approved to the next stage. Application Status : Recommendation Stage DO NOT: Poke RPD Leadership, RPD Officers, Or any Administrators regarding your recommendation stage.
  14. Thank for you for interest in the RPD but at this time your application is DENIEDReasons - Not Following Procedures You may reapply in 30 daysCurrent Status: DENIED
  15. whitelisted

    Thank for you for interest in the RPD but at this time your application is DENIEDReasons - Not Following Procedures You may reapply in 30 daysCurrent Status: DENIED

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