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  1. BUMP I am going to be more active now that I have my life type crap settled down. What a LONG strange trip it's been over the last year and a half. Go from dead broke about to be evicted, thinking I met my possible wife, to sleeping on a couch living with family. Now, got my own house, a great position that pays well, and finally am looking towards gaming for some fun again.
  2. Creeping in the shadows! I should be back sometime within the next month or so. Still just enjoying games I can pause... lol
  3. When you see lethal, goonie and deathview. <cue music> brown chicken brown cow.
  4. My only gaming goal is to actually play MP games again. I love the simplicity of SP gaming and not having to worry about an "image" or to deal with drama. (Which I am well aware I start plenty of my own)
  5. Fuck gaming, I am on a mission of life. But, I still love you all! Someday, soon I will be able to play games without a pause button and be rockin and rolling. <eyes at you STB>

  6. I wouldnt even had looked until i read this lmao.
  7. So far I am impressed, I think i quit playing WoD after the second day for about 6 months. I am going really slow taking it all in the first time around, alts will be another story but the impression I got from all the Dev Q&A's leading up to Legion is that eventually we will be able to log in every 3 or 5 days on alts get the required stuff done and not miss out on a lot. That launch was about the best any of us could have hoped for, I know I was reading that some people had issues but I think those were mainly client side issues.
  8. When a few things happen. IE. I move and get an upgrade on meh computer, I will be streaming WoW and working on YT content also. Luckily, I will have some time from launch of Legion to when raids/mythics become available and I am good enough to broadcast my play pubically. Throw me in for a tentative: https://www.twitch.tv/lonewolf_live

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