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  1. This is not a response to what the OP requested rofl just so you know @MiAtCh
  2. I'm always interested in building my network of streamer friends! What kind of streamers do we have out there in Reckless land? I'd like to start promoting your channels with my channel and hope you do the same with me Let's get some information here and format it like this... What stream services do you use? What's your stream name?: What do you like to stream?: When do you stream?: I'll go first! What stream services do you use?: Twitch What's your stream name? RawDawg95 What do you like to stream?: DCS When do you stream?: Mon-Thur 7PM-9PM EST and sometimes on the weekends Thanks Reckless Nerds!
  3. I sing it every day in the mirror with my Aviators on and love for beach volleyball in my heart! #Dangerzone4lyfe
  4. RawDawg95 if I'm not already on some list somewhere.
  5. Here recently I've gotten myself into DCS World again. It's been a friggin blast and although I am not the most talented pilot, I've gotten some pretty awesome kills and gotten killed in some pretty awesome ways XD Now, I'm looking for some of you Reckless Airmen out there to help me build a squadron! I'm accepting all skill levels as I cannot say I am an expert at air combat and it'd be pretty hard for me to judge you based off of my core abilities The whole goal of this squadron is to meet up, fly, splash some bandits, land, learn from each other, rinse & repeat. Let me know if you're interested via this post. Add in your included modules that you have purchased for DCS, your flight gear (HOTAS, Pedals, TrackIR, etc.) and I will reach out to all of those interested for a meeting time to get things situated. I will go first! @Al Hoff Your post had better be in here! Modules: UH-1H Huey, P-51D Mustang, Flaming Cliffs 3, F-15C, A-10A Gear: Thrustmaster A10 Warthog HOTAS, CH Pro Flight Pedals, and Track IR 5
  6. I LUV DA GAMS!!!! GIMME!!!!!!!
  7. Feel free to add your justification to your answer below
  8. Show them the Dojo with the 2 new joysticks and the ultra sexy flag brah.
  9. So. a whole lotta Minecraft... my god people! We need to get a group together and all start on a completely new game that nobody has any expectations of... and play it!
  10. haha 2 voices that I grew up listening to... Epic!
  11. I'm not much for WoW, but I gotta play! Especially with my RaGiN (See what I did there?) bros! What are you guys playing? Where are you at? I'm looking for some new addictions and I literally play everything except RTS games and WoW
  12. I'm still rooting for girly pictures on the walls. After experiencing the room firsthand, I think the best and only real approach is to place things where Al has them set. It's going to be weird transitioning from the creepy basement to a drywalled room o.O
  13. That sounds pretty awesome! I'd definitely give it a shot!
  14. $5 and a trip to Taco Bell... on me... BIG BOI!

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