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  1. DCS World F/A-18 Hype!

  2. New DCS Squadron! ~SCAR~

    Reckless Airmen is proud to welcome a new squadron to DCS World, and to Reckless Airmen; ~SCAR~ What's this? "Second Chance Aviation Regiment" or ~SCAR~ is an informal group of pilots specializing in the SU-27 and SU-33 modules in DCS World. Their main focus is on "CAP" or Combat Air Patrol. They're a tight knit group but are always open to bringing in more Airmen to rule the skies with. Where do they usually fly? You can most generally find these guys in the air on the 104th or Open Conflict servers at 10PM EST and after every night. That sounds cool! How do I get in contact with this group? If you're interested in getting to know the Airmen of ~SCAR~ or to join the roster, then get in contact with me (Big Kahuna) and I will get you setup with our sortie times. See the roster below for a complete list of members! Roster ~SCAR~ Vulture 27 ~SCAR~ Santini ~SCAR~ Havoc 3-7 ~SCAR~ Ninjaspy ~SCAR~ BK As always guys, stay frosty and keep it Reckless!
  3. What is Reckless Airmen?

    Reckless Airmen simply put is a fine group of pilots that love all things aviation. Whether you're a hardcore flight simaniac or just a lover of aircraft you're welcome to join the group and get in on the discussion! What can you expect from the Reckless Airmen? Lots of flight time! Plenty of Top Gun jokes! Sexy images of the miracle that is aviation! In-game footage of Flight Sim action! What Flight Sims are Reckless Airmen currently active in? DCS World Arma 3 P3D Microsoft Flight Simulator X Weekly sorties and more information coming soon! We'll see you in the clouds Airmen! Keep it Reckless!
  4. DCS World F/A-18 Hype!

    F/A-18 anyone?
  5. Fuel Can for Choppers <3

    Thanks Silent!
  6. 2017-06-17 AAR: SIGINT

    The true genius of these is that they are very impromptu. They just happen Eggman is a hell of a story teller!
  7. 2017-06-15 AAR: The Battle of South Somato

    Eggman... I love these. Nice work sir!
  8. Fuel Can for Choppers <3

    I'd like to have a fuel can of some type so when I get a hole in my fuel tank I can potential field repair it and put a little fuel in my bird to get home and do a full refuel. Thanks!
  9. "Required Server Mods"

    When you try to join the server from the Arma 3 Launcher it immediately brings up the prompt having you review your mods. This is great! Except I'd like to make it a little easier for newbies to see what the actual required mods are on the server. I've seen this in other servers where you go to join and Arma won't even open unless you have all of the mods listed. I'm hoping we can do something similar to make it less confusing for everyone who's trying to get their mods setup for the first time. By having the "Required Mods" enforced via the launcher we can eliminate the incompatible file issues that we've been running into here and there recently. Image for reference to menu I'm referring to.
  10. BCT 6-11-17 7:00pm EST

    I will be attending as a Pilot Aid for recruit training purposes.
  11. Vehicle Respawns and Rearming

    I'd like to be able to have a heli pad somewhere that will rearm air assets. This can be an extended period of time to rearm, but it needs to be there. Also getting vehicles to respawn in the server after a certain amount of time.
  12. DCS Squadron?

    Here recently I've gotten myself into DCS World again. It's been a friggin blast and although I am not the most talented pilot, I've gotten some pretty awesome kills and gotten killed in some pretty awesome ways XD Now, I'm looking for some of you Reckless Airmen out there to help me build a squadron! I'm accepting all skill levels as I cannot say I am an expert at air combat and it'd be pretty hard for me to judge you based off of my core abilities The whole goal of this squadron is to meet up, fly, splash some bandits, land, learn from each other, rinse & repeat. Let me know if you're interested via this post. Add in your included modules that you have purchased for DCS, your flight gear (HOTAS, Pedals, TrackIR, etc.) and I will reach out to all of those interested for a meeting time to get things situated. I will go first! @Al Hoff Your post had better be in here! Modules: UH-1H Huey, P-51D Mustang, Flaming Cliffs 3, F-15C, A-10A Gear: Thrustmaster A10 Warthog HOTAS, CH Pro Flight Pedals, and Track IR 5
  13. completed War Heroes!!

    I LUV DA GAMS!!!! GIMME!!!!!!!
  14. Can the plane take off?

    Feel free to add your justification to your answer below