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  1. RGN Game of the Month (December)

    idk i would count escape from tarkov one because it didnt come out until the 28 of dec =P
  2. Hello again!

    Welcome back
  3. Hello!

  4. Hello everyone

  5. Lee back

    Welcome Back
  6. My new rig!

    is that you installing destiny 2?
  7. Banned on TS

    @Neil Hansonwhen u first join our channel u didnt even say anything. Then you started to join channels like a mad man which is in out ts rules dont channel hop. I pulled you in to tell you that u need to chill the channel hopping and stay in 1 channel. After you left our channel u went on and jumped another 3 ro4 channel in the matter of 20 secs so you got a 1 day ban. Next time listen to what i say and this wont happen. As for the little comment you made " He got all big balls and tough guy saying "Well Im telling you to sit in one channel" like he runs the burger joint. " watch it. no need to act like that.
  8. Riipaa here!

  9. Lstolte

  10. What is everyone playing

    Destiny 2, Diablo 3, Overwatch, Ark
  11. Destiny 2 Gear