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  1. Welcomez!
  2. Ok @Barry Queen You already had a 1 week ban for trolling ts back in april. Came back day after and did the same shit with your friends. I dont remember which one of you did all of the trolling or all of you did it but all of you knew it was intention of just trolling and knew better, so no i will not remove your ban. I gave you a chance but you blew it. Have a nice day, Setha
  3. Reckless Gaming Network TeamSpeak Rules No statements of racism, bigotry, or antisemitism are allowed on the Teamspeak server under any circumstance. This includes your Teamspeak display name(Nickname) and avatar image.. Do not under any circumstance include RGN tags in your name unless you are an active RGN member. Do not consistently jump from channel, to channel, this can be disturbing to users and disrupts their game play and conversations. Please under no circumstance spam your microphone in a channel. No music should be played through microphones unless everyone in the channel was prepared and agreed to it. Do not poke, message, or harass any member of the community with unsolicited requests for help, ban disputes, or compensation requests. These should all be handled by the appropriate channels on the RGN website. Do not jump into a channel with the intention of trolling the occupants. Be respectful to the people that already occupying the channel.
  4. Welcomez!
  5. hands up or die has always been fail RP
  6. I love the 2nd point
  7. Welcomez!
  8. Im also here to not get into a 500m gun fight all the time
  9. If your there just to get the guns/armor then go play wasteland or KoTH
  10. I agree with jack, lets make it little more real life shit with only pistols and very low cal rifles for cops and rebels. Cops can carry both tazer pistol and lethal pistol only is citys(city cops). Only ones should have rifle (5.56 or lower) for higher ranks/with training. For "rebels" crate drops only 5.56 or lower with a rare chance on it, also can be sold on the black market for insane amount and limit per day (if possible). Maybe if we still have swat they only will have little stronger weapons for feds(no higher then a 6.5). Also no high power scopes only hollow sights for both sides.
  11. Welcomez!
  12. Welcomez!
  13. Welcomez!
  14. Welcome and Grats to all!

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