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  1. Whatever happens, record it for us please
  2. Quote



  3. Elaborate on who brought you here please
  4. When will you be on Altis, I'll give you $50 I made from selling peaches
  5. If you are looking to roleplay on Arma 3, I suggest a modded server. Renegade / Templar failed as no-one (the owners) gave 2 shits after a month. Arma 3 roleplay is dying. It died years ago but has somehow managed to stay alive. Now, for my part. As I said above a3 roleplay has been dead since Frankie, Lirik, and those YouTubers stopped playing. You can argue that it didn't as a bunch of servers maintained pop but if you look at it big picture, I'm pretty sure BI has sold millions upon millions of copies of arma 3. Take the population of every life server every day after those YouTubers stopped playing and it's a small fraction of the general pop of arma 3. I still ask myself why did it have to end but it just did. Nothing can go on forever. I look back and wish I kept my old recordings but It's no use anymore. Just move on. I bought Arma 3 because I watched Lirik on his streams and wanted to play this magical game. I found RGN and joined. This past year has been one of the high points in my life. The staff on this server gave me a chance way too many times. I respect this. I respected that anyone could become a cop. I've fucked up alot and regret that because now that it's no more, I have a hole in my life. But, I've overcome this a little bit every day. @keaton RGN Altis Life is dead and it's not easy to say it but It's true. I still stick around because I know that something will bring me back to this community. TL;DR - Altis life on Arma 3 is dead. So is arma 3 development (and bi has hinted at another arma so stick around and see what happens) I'll leave you with this.
  6. @Eagles you mean a sixteenth of a crate?
  7. I'll counter offer this. I'll sell you a $25 xbox gift card for only $29.99! SPECIAL TV OFFER.
  8. Hi, I'm SpecialKillerJ Nice to meet you!
  9. Hey, I'm thinking of upgrading my PC. Here's my current build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GD49kL I'm looking to upgrade to be able to support 2 monitors and just in general better graphics. ....because ya know I play a lot of fucking video games. (and a lot of arma) I'm thinking about a GIGABYTE 1050 2gb. It's got 1 hdmi 1 dv but I'll get a dv to hdmi. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Note: I'm already getting 2 new monitors and possibly 2 stands or 1 so my budget for the card is less than 250 and preferably less than 150. Any suggestions?
  10. Total Cost and time spent setting up/buying?
  11. #AltisLife2k18 Jk. I think GTA is the next arma life

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