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  1. Hey all! I just finished up my latest video in the operator review/montage series, put out a video on Fuze . If anyone wants to see me make one on their favorite operator just shoot me a comment and I'll try and get to it. I've been thinking about switching over to another game since siege is a little difficult to maintain so I don't know about continuing the series but I'll have something else out sooner or later, if you have any ideas hmu. Thanks as always though everyone!
  2. I'll get to it once I get him unlocked, I havent really explored anyone from that DLC yet
  3. Hey thanks man, glad you thought so!
  4. Looking for some r6 partners in the afternoon, hmu!


  5. Hey all! I just finished up my latest video in the operator review/montage series, put out a video on buck since hes one of my favorites. If anyone wants to see me make one on their favorite operator just shoot me a comment! I truly appreciate all the help and support I can get, anyways guys take it easy!
  6. Hey all! I just finished up my latest video in the operator review/montage series, I ended up doing jackal next. Anyways guys as always any support is much appreciated and welcomed and if you wanna see anyone specific just shoot me a comment!
  7. Hey guys! I ended up giving it another go at r6 videos and I think I like this one a little better than the last. Thinking I might focus on Review/Montage Format for operators, let me know what you guys think or have any operators you wanna see! Anyways comments or support is always welcome and I appreciate anything ya'll can do to help me out, thanks guys! Straight To The Montage:
  8. Rainbow Six Montage #1

    Hey guys! So I've started to expand my horizons on the channel to more games, with this obviously comes everyones favorite r6. This type of video is a completely new type of editing and making so Im looking for any suggestions or comments on improvements, I know quality and everything will greatly increase as time goes on. As well if you can guess going inactive for a year can cause quite a dip in subs and population to a channel so any support is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  9. Braddok [RPD] - Failrp

    In my defense: For the orange hatchback death: Intentionally trying to run me off the road to assist in the opposing side's chase counting under the VDM initiation rule For the deaths of [DELTA] Members: No matter how we argue what was right or wrong how we got there, we were. Opposing force taking combat positions with weapons after fleeing in a military vehicle and not complying to demands Explanation of my side: I was starting to assist public officers requesting assistance because of a "Ifrit by the checkpoint" with my partners at the time @Mo Wilson @David_Chlo. Upon arrival I spotted the vehicle and started pursuit, I would like to mention that at no point previous I heard anything about hostages. A little into the pursuit I got the dispatch saying "We are going to drop off a hostage for return" or something along those lines. At that point I didint really recognize a threat to a civs life because I was confused, later realizing what they were trying to say after we were already 3 cruisers in pursuit with multiple backup units. The chase went on and ended with the shootout in the freight yard resulting in a supposedly dead hostage and the gang slain. Two main points It is up to the primary officer dealing with the situation on how he/she would like to handle it. I may play a more aggressive approach towards this in particular situation but as I always do with a ifrit versus a speeding violation. Tactically I did think I could handle the situation, I had three fully capable officers that I trust in combat to save the supposed hostage and watch all of our backs as well as more backup along the way. As well I had no proof of a hostage and for all I knew was a bluff as rebels constantly try to use to get police to wave off, so I took the call and continued the pursuit based on my long experience based in these situations. Sending out dispatches with blank threats is not the best way to start RP. As I previously stated with a dispatch I have no proof of life and common knowledge of dispatches usually being bluffs. Think of it like this, a kavala troll comes up to you at the square and yells "Im going to kill everyone here!" wearing fresh spawn clothes and no weapon drawn. Versus a fully armed rebel coming into the square rifle raised yelling at everyone to get on the ground or he will kill everyone. You are going to not take a reaction at all with empty threats of the troll versus the threats based on facts and backed up of the rebel. The same goes for this situation, if the opposing force would have taken us into a ally and jumped out with a hostage and rifles aimed at him and yelling at me to back off or even me seeing that I would have of course backed off as I value the roleplay in all my situations I'm involved in, but this situation I did not see a reasonable threat to stop pursuit besides empty threats over the dispatch. I'm not here to argue but to rather explain my side for the administration, I will not be replying to prevent argument unless an admin asks for more. Have a great day -Braddok
  10. You almost got me there, but since you wanted to hardcore troll me Ima put this back out there for everyone, love ya @Wolfy
  11. So I have run into a bit of a problem that I suffer from a lot in game and was wondering if anyone could help or is experiencing the same thing. Recently as in Ive never had a problem with it before but my windows key seems to tab me out of in game and brings up the windows 10 file browser (bottom left of desktop). As well shift+s trys to take a screen shot of my screen for some reason? Its just a really weird bug that just started happening and I would really like to fix it without disabling my windows key because its what Im used to. Any help is appreciated!
  12. The Confederacy [FEDS]

    Looks like theres yet again going to be a turf war over guns in kavala, good luck gringos!
  13. Braddok RPD RDM

    Simple report here, mistakes were made and people were shot unlawfully. Even if it was not my intent to "RDM" Bluey was still killed while in the middle of complying by the result of a simple mistake that happens all the time in shootouts with the police. In my defense I would like to state that after killing the fist suspect I believed Bluey to have taken cover after hearing his friend die and as I gave my verbal commands it appeared to me that he was getting ready to move cover positions after getting up from prone, pulling a sidearm causing me to panic and kill the suspect after the animation had occurred. Like I said before this is a simple misunderstanding that happens with police standoffs that results in shots fired "The animation bug" appears to have officers pulling the trigger in order to end the threat they thought was apparent when it was really just an animation. If video evidence from my point of view is needed than I can retrieve that but nothing more is shown than the reporters point of view. Besides my statement I have nothing else to add and apologize for the inconvenience. As always after any indecent I went to talk to the player in the team speak but unfortunately for whatever reason the player seemed to decline any sort of reason with compensation and my apology for the misuse of force. In the end I mistakes were made but still confused on why this had to be brought to the forums whenever both parties clearly understood what happened was a miscommunication and mistake. Once again my apologizes go out to Bluey for the indecent and will still be open to compensation for the inconvenience. If I am needed for speaking to or a meeting of some kind please let me know and I will try to become available. I will not add anything further and will wait for the ruling of the administration dealing with the report.
  14. under review Toadmaster and Martinez RDM

    First of all I would like to address the fact that no where in your video does it showing me "RDM". You display me killing a player that you have no idea what happened prior to his death, so this entire evidence you have is invalid for starters. The CDT was told verbally to place his hands on his head, he proceeded to run to cover instead ignoring my verbal command so he was killed, as for you if you are trying to report me for RDM on yourself without any evidence at all then you are mistaken as well. You one responded as backup clearly displayed in your video "code 1". The rules state that any responding backup to a situation is lethally engaged upon which you clearly were. Quote directly from the rules: "Any cop reporting for backup is considered lethally engaged with all prior initiated civilians." and to add to that you also shot at me which is shown in my video as well. In conclusion this report is entirely invalid and a waste of time, CDT Steve "RDM": Engaged verbally and did not comply Officer Wallace "RDM": Shot at me and responded as backup to a shootout in progress Evidence Counter :