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  1. How much cash did ya have to give out for it?
  2. Looking for some r6 partners in the afternoon, hmu!


  3. Hey guys! I ended up giving it another go at r6 videos and I think I like this one a little better than the last. Thinking I might focus on Review/Montage Format for operators, let me know what you guys think or have any operators you wanna see! Anyways comments or support is always welcome and I appreciate anything ya'll can do to help me out, thanks guys! Straight To The Montage:
  4. Hey guys! So I've started to expand my horizons on the channel to more games, with this obviously comes everyones favorite r6. This type of video is a completely new type of editing and making so Im looking for any suggestions or comments on improvements, I know quality and everything will greatly increase as time goes on. As well if you can guess going inactive for a year can cause quite a dip in subs and population to a channel so any support is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  5. You almost got me there, but since you wanted to hardcore troll me Ima put this back out there for everyone, love ya @Wolfy
  6. So I have run into a bit of a problem that I suffer from a lot in game and was wondering if anyone could help or is experiencing the same thing. Recently as in Ive never had a problem with it before but my windows key seems to tab me out of in game and brings up the windows 10 file browser (bottom left of desktop). As well shift+s trys to take a screen shot of my screen for some reason? Its just a really weird bug that just started happening and I would really like to fix it without disabling my windows key because its what Im used to. Any help is appreciated!
  7. I ended up picking up a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. So far I love it with all of its features and I think I grabbed a nice edition to my setup, I owe a thanks to everyone that helped and I really appreciate it! Special shout out to @Ronduth for bringing my attention to my final pick, thanks for the help!
  8. So recently my gaming mouse broke, it was some off brand razor type deal and I didint expect it to last long anyways. But back to business Im looking for some advise, suggestions or otherwise on what I should purchase. I have around 100$ to spend on a new one and would like to know some input before I make any big purchases. Thanks so much!
  9. Welcome man, hope to see you around!
  10. Thanks so much for the wishes!
  11. Braddok

    Hello RGN!

    Hey fam, welcome I guess lol

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