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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    thanks yo!
  2. GTA RP Server Feedback

    ???? Roleplay isnt the issue its server population, all of the 5-6 people who still play every day are prime examples, its kind of hard to RP when theres oh idk nobody on the server? I've been bouncing around other servers the past 2 days seeing why other servers are so popular, and it simply just seems to be that our server is too vanilla. people want gun/car/clothes mods, an easy to interact with UI, Jobs that require RP that arent just farming (car dealer, banker etc.) That and that from what it looks like our rules are "to strict" all other 5m servers seem to know that 5m is just a modded version of GTA, A game people play only for fun, if the rules are to strict most of these players coming from servers where the rules are more open and allowing. Not trying to be an asshole, its just that i put 8+ hours a day mon-friday into our server for it to be almost empty every day. Ive spent the pasty 3 days seeing what makes other servers so popular, and well, now we know Development takes time and thats totally okay, if anything i feel like we should add things to attract other players , rather than adding things that intrigue us.
  3. GTA RP Server Feedback

    a lot of people who play RP GTA servers also like to see vehicles! A frequent question i see in chat is why theres no custom cars?/why theres not custom clothes etc. People dont like vanilla
  4. GTA RP Server Feedback

    Ive seen a lot of people quit becasue their cars will despawn and the cars wont return for days, ive heard people say because theres no cops (Which we have now!) we just have to seed the server and get 10+ players a day to start attracting more
  5. Gas prices

    2/l would be good
  6. The Motorcycle conundrum

    See ive heard it the complete other way around, since the supercar price got buffed, i haven't seen nearly as many police chases, everyone I've talked to has complained about bikes, and its fair for everyone to have their own opinion. as @Peanut said yeah through the city isn't okay, on the highway yeah i see that. If there was a way to edit character health on bikes and make it lower when they're riding a bike, people couldnt rip through the city as easily becasue it could kill them
  7. So there has to be a tear between realism and balance, right? civs and police have things the others don't for balance issues. I just have a really hard time understanding how running from police is overpowered/failrp on a bike. I'm not talking about how some people troll cops on bikes by cop baiting them by constantly driving around them, I'm talking about how 90% of people seem to be upset about the fact motorcycles run from cops on chases and call it fail rp and unrealistic. Please do us all a favor by visiting youtube. The bike culture (squid culture) is massive, and with it comes a LOOOT of people who actually run from police. They literally make license plate holders that fold so you can just tuck up the plate and run. I even own one and use it on my honda cbr 600, a 600cc sport bike. Last year alone 19.2% of police chases in the US with CARS got away, motorcycles? last year 87.4% of motorcycle police chases got away, with an astonishing 93% running as soon as lights and sirens turn on. I really dislike hearing its not realistic when yo can go on youtube and find over a million results of people successfully running from cops. Now I do appologise if someone is upset by this thread in any way, but its not meant to offend bash or upset anyone, im just simply trying to show how something that is said "unrealistic" happens on a daily basis
  8. the kawasaki ninja H2r, a 100CC supercharged motorcycle producing 400 horsepower, the fastest production bike ever made
  9. World of Warships Montage

    them unicum stats
  10. Pokemon GO Account Shop!

    Paying 5 bucks for My Go Bot can make some cash if you just flip accounts
  11. I've never seen Sarasota so fucking lit before, these past few nights have been so redic. Cops giving 0 fucks too

    1. ASAP Baxter!

      ASAP Baxter!

      I give a large amount of fucks

    2. UnorthodoX


      Pass some fucks my way bro! @Baxter

  12. when you quit playing bf4 becasue there's hackers, and come back 2 hours later, and there's still 3 hackers, smh

    1. AlboGravity


      Same, they were even spreading the hacks which is ridiculous.

    2. Alex Memes

      Alex Memes

      albo we all know you hack all the time

    3. AlboGravity