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  1. Windows phone. Nuff said. Android is better #SamsungGalaxyS6Edge
  2. Should seek some help from Dr. Morris Hes a good Doctor.
  3. As @@Preacher said. If you have the money to blow on a high end PC, then price isn't much of a problem. That being said. The VIVE VR seems to be going places. Id love to get my hands on one as well,considering the many possibilities it has. Ive seen a few videos of people using a cover system in a game to hide from oncoming bullets and such. Its pretty epic that you can be in a virtual world and interact on a real level with the game using VIVE VR. From what Ive seen. You dont necessarily need a large room to use it, let alone even use the walking and cover features. My current favorite VR channel and video.
  4. So as most of you guys know. I have been gone for some time. Being that I started work and college from 5am to 10pm on week days. Anyway, I was sitting in a writing class, bored out of my mine of course, and lo and behold. The old comic series I drew in the back of my notebook. Mind you. I drew a crap ton of these some time ago and posted about 3 of them. In any case. I have returned, somewhat, with the comics in hand. So sit back in your chair, rocker, toilet, and love seats folks! Because there are plenty more crappy MSPaint drawings I have to throw at you guys! Original Drawn Version
  5. Every ones favorite low poly, terribly drawn MSpaint, art, stuff, is back and this time as a daily comic! These were originally suppose to be posted on GSN but alas there were problems... //I have been denied access to my old post from GSN and cannot provide the links to the old ones. (Sad Day) In any case. Here they are: Original Drawn Version
  6. Well. I was too lazy today to use MSPaint to make the comics. So instead. Have this drawn version. And a cookie! http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/
  7. Todays terrible low poly MSpaint drawing is out. Enjoy This ones a little bit worse than the rest. Rushed it D: Of Course the drawn version is a lot better Original Drawn Version
  8. 8th? Or did ye ol' texas already draw?
  9. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” ~Frederick Douglass

    1. DJDerPTronic


      I know that feeling very well right now! XD

  10. Better question. Where are yours? lol
  11. You know. Everyone says that ._. lol Also Still waiting for Sticky To post His "Sticky Tube Sock" Picture.
  12. Mugs...Mugs.... Mugs Everywhere! Some of these are like a few years old. I don't have many currents ​ ​ ​ Bonus. My retarded Cat ​
  13. Ah. I noticed that you changed the description from "RPD" to "RGN" logo. So in that case I think its good Also as said earlier. Make a few different versions. Typically what I do when making any sort of logo.
  14. I like it. Maybe make a few more renditions of it?

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