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  1. RGN Reckless Friday Comeback!

    I'm interested. Hmu boys.
  2. New gpu

    Tbh the gtx 1050ti SSC is amazing. However if you got the cash, go with the 1060 6gb.
  3. Jake - He Returns.

    Well hey again RGN, sure has been awhile huh? Funny how the time flies, looking back on my account from October of 2015, now in August of 2017 the community still stands, and I have to say props to all of you. The folks I met years ago, I hope to meet you again soon. It has been quite the journey of self discovery and adventure but here I've found myself back where it all began. Looking back on my old post of my old introduction, realizing how fast time goes by. I was 14 when I posted that message, 16 now, it's crazy to look back on all the hours spent and how this place has evolved from Arma3 to a plethora of other games. Anyhow it feels good to come back around to this place and hope to return to the community and become involved once again. - Jake (McSmith)
  4. completed $10 ANY GAME GIVEAWAY!

    Haha you must have mistaken what I said, I said that in a way of "Damn I was so close.." as 13 was one of the numbers that popped up, even though it was not the third one.
  5. Food made by me, Gandhi!

    Jam? Canned Vegetables? Spices?
  6. completed $10 ANY GAME GIVEAWAY!

    TFW 13 was the first number
  7. Food made by me, Gandhi!

    Exactly what kind of stuff would you be offering?
  8. 'Boutta be calling Customer Support on this shit

  9. Bring back the Rust server!

    x(3-5) Collect Starter Kits /remove Clan Creater Insta-Craft
  10. Bring back the Rust server!

    Mods don't ruin the game. For some it does and if it does, don't play on modded servers. If you want a servers population to rise and to have people stay. You need to have fun mods.
  11. PC Parts coming in soon!!! :0

  12. Host a rust server pls?

    Eh I doubt we'll be getting a rust server- BUT we could always find a nice modded server and start a clan on there!
  13. Wow that's easy! Thanks man! I'm probs still gonna pick up the disk drive just to have it in case I ever need one
  14. That sounds way to complex for me lmao
  15. How do I put Windows on a USB?