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  1. First day feedback

    good to hear! nice to see you back
  2. Altis Life I miss you

    Put all the rebel outposts where they used to be. Put highway patrol back where its supposed to be. And put the old prison back. @Ronduth
  3. Happy birthday Alien8r!

    happy birthday!!
  4. July | Recruitment and Promotions

  5. A long awaited intro...

    Welcome!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your service!
  6. under review 3EasyPayments RDM on server 2

    Closing report due to lack of evidence.
  7. [NaG] Gugene - RDM

    I apologize. As a member in RGN Leadership I am held to a higher standard and this should have never happened. We should have tried to find a way to Role Play with you. I am willing to comp you for your truck and all the gear you had on you, plus an additional 10k just to get you started on our server. Again I am sorry for my actions and it will not happen again. Thank you! Sincerely, Jimmy
  8. Matthew saying the N word

    Thank you for the report. I have placed a NOTE for Racism on Matthew's Profile. The next time this happens with him it will be a Ban. Case Closed.
  9. Alyssa Combat logging

    Thank you for the report. I have placed a NOTE on Alyssa's account for Combat Logging. Case Closed.
  10. under review 3EasyPayments RDM on server 2

    Do you have any video evidence of this happening?
  11. My New Rig

    damn! that's insane!!!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Jamesshuler and Big Kahuna

    happy birthday!