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  1. My first published book!

    so when is the audio version coming out?
  2. @SomeoneYouLikeIt was my ideal of the creating this video and Razzy stepping up to do it. I came up with the ideal of not having arma in the video and show GTA instead as the community was going forward. Maybe Altis is not dead but for now it is not viewed positively with mostly other RGN members. It shouldn't be a big deal as with arma not involved as we are not solely a Altis life community which some people are calling us. So dont blame Razzy as it was I who gave him the outline what the video to be.
  3. Worms WMD and Killing Floor 2 Giveaway

    Game: Both Reason: I like playing new games and like how they are all unique(beside Call of duty)
  4. Free Company: Order of Revan (or something like that once its created About: So for those that play MMOs and know of this game then you should know what a free company is. Basically its a Guild that has perks and stuff. So what I am looking for is people that want to join in and do raids and do other things together for like buying a house, trading, crafting, and other stuff. Server: Lamina Requirements: None All classes and levels are welcome VOIP: Discord Contact: Discord: @Dark#5438 or by PM on fourms here Plan is figure out where to buy a plot at once Guild is made and then go from there. Plans on doing raids and stuff well come later when If you do not have the game and would like to try it out then check out the steam page but i suggest to buy it straight Square as you do not have to deal with steam bs. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/3718/FINAL_FANTASY_XIV_Online_Complete_Edition/
  5. completed Steam gift card x2 giveaway!

    Well since their is no way to convert a steam gift card to a Tacobell gift card I will be getting FF14 stormblood gametime.
  6. What should i do a giveaway on

    A $40 steam gift would work fine, or FF14 Stormblood expanision, or just give it to me so that everybody else can be happy.
  7. completed Alyssa teamspeak ban dispute

    @Alyssa1 its just troll right nothing else?
  8. Twitch overlay

    I just use a premade and can easily edit in client https://strexm.tv/
  9. completed Alyssa teamspeak ban dispute

    @Alyssa1Can you tell me the msg it tells you when you try to connect to the ts?
  10. completed Alyssa teamspeak ban dispute

    I remember that I was playing in the Rainbow six seige channel when you and another joined our channel giggling and then left out. I saw in the client logs that you was going from channel to channel which I ban you for channel hopping and trolling. Now I am looking though the logs and we have two Alyssa in our logs so I will need you to PM me your IP
  11. completed Mr. Gandalf aka Arda TS Ban

    Marking report closed due to no response.
  12. completed Mr. Gandalf aka Arda TS Ban

    @Arda Yavuz Why wait 2 months later for disputing this teamspeak ban? Why you think that out of the other teamspeak trolls that come in teamspeak and troll that I should make an exception for you?
  13. They told me if I get 50 likes i can be a founder so everybody like my comment
  14. Spanksauce Intro


    Games are shorter than arma 3 map wise and is like a more harddcore version of H1Z1. In H1Z1 you can just jump out of your car full speed and get a kill or a car makes a difference of running around. PUBG map is made for battle royal while h1z1 was for survival mode.