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  1. Gonna make that slerping sound my ts ban sound
  2. completed

    Marking report closed due to no response.
  3. completed

    @Arda Yavuz Why wait 2 months later for disputing this teamspeak ban? Why you think that out of the other teamspeak trolls that come in teamspeak and troll that I should make an exception for you?
  4. @Masterits more of integrity of coming down to it. Like MD said. We are aware and we know how to track it.
  5. You are going to be given a second chance if you are caught VDMing again you will be permanently ban with and it will be non-disputable.
  6. They told me if I get 50 likes i can be a founder so everybody like my comment
  7. completed

    @SausageBeans Connor is not a admin on our Altis life server but a senior member in our community. Connor will be getting a note for RDM, since this is first offense.
  8. completed

    @BlueyIt doesn't matter if the parts you faded out where nothing involved of report it matters as person of the admin team has to review both sides of the video and see all rules that could be broken and if a part that was faded out could have been you targeting Ryan or trying to save your self. If you are fading parts out then it must mean you are doing something that you shouldn't and making yourself look guilty. If that is the case then you shouldn't be making a report to report somebody else for breaking a rule when you are breaking rules your self. If you do not want an admin to hear something in the video because you are breaking a rule then do not be making reports trying to get somebody in trouble. Plus I have no clue why you are deleting videos from youtube as only thing you have to do is keep it hidden and forget about it as you can upload as many videos you can. Like I said earlier if you post another video like this with faded video or edited in anyway then your the report will be voided no matter what the rule break is and you will be getting a 2 week ban from Altis.
  9. completed

    @Bluey Next time you put up a video with sound edited out or video is edited in anyway and next time something like this happens you will be getting a two week ban for manipulating evidence in your favor. As plenty of people of watched your video noticed the certain points in your video that was cut out.
  10. completed

    @Bluey I still want to see the video regardless if compensation has been given out.
  11. completed

    @Bluey at 2:10 there is a part where audio is cut out can you fix that.
  12. Welcome!
  13. Games are shorter than arma 3 map wise and is like a more harddcore version of H1Z1. In H1Z1 you can just jump out of your car full speed and get a kill or a car makes a difference of running around. PUBG map is made for battle royal while h1z1 was for survival mode.
  14. completed

    As of this time we will not be unbanning you @Icehole but please put in a dispute next month.

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