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  1. Lets give a round of t̶a̶c̶o̶s̶ applause to these members getting the promotion! Community @MasCrouix @William Ranger @Wars Gift @JokerzFayme @Connor @Preachers @Willy @Bacon Stay Reckless! Welcome and congratulations!
  2. sadly this is taken out of my tacobell funds
  3. What is your standard Taco Bell or?der? 5 dollor box 9/10 times What is your standard Bojangles order? Supreme combo What is your favorite color? Black or a dark red color What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life? Supreme combo from Bojangles If I had $11.69, how can I utilize money the most efficiently at Taco Bell? So get a 5 dollar box and tell them to large size the it which should be 50c more. Then get what you like off the dollar menu for the rest of your money i guess. What 2018 game release are you looking forward to the most? Mega man X collection and Tomb Raider If you could only play as one League of Legends champion for the next 6 months, who would you pick? Sorka because nobody expects the banana! What’s ur normal chick fil a order Chicken strip combo with large fries and sweet tea.(I rarely eat chick fila as i dont have on within a 40 min range sweet tea or anything else Sweet tea but not the powder liption kind dog or cat Cat r u lonely leaving this blank What's your wrestling entrance song? (youtube link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVUyyHYkBHk What are your goals and vision as the first newly appointed founder of RGN? Well remove all other founders and members and everyone and make myself the one true member of rgn What would be your perfect dinner? MeatLoaf with sweet potatos and mac&chesse and sweet peas How many illegitimate chilren do you have? none Muah. What type socks you wear normally? Would you say short or long? Lighter or Darker? Stripes or designs? or do you were thongs**? Black Short but not ankle If you were a founder what would you change in the community? I cant say as it has already been done. If you could buy me any taco at taco bell, what would it be? 5 Soft shell tacos If you could only have 1 thing in life and only that for the rest of your life, what would it be? 60 billion dollars so I can convert that money into other things. If I was going into Taco Bell for the first time what is the first thing you would recommend to me? 5 Dollar box What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Nothing really What game or games are you looking forward to this year? Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot Remake Do you watch any sports? If so what are your teams to watch? Dont watch sports much What is your favorite animal other than cats? A dog What is your dream job? Streaming games which people throw money at me. If you were stranded on an island what is the one item you would want to have on you? A dry working cell phone with good signal and a charged battery so i can get a call out. Favorite video game or video game series? Favorite game series is Jax and Daxter for PS2. Who is your favorite RGN member that you have met in your time here (Can still be here or have left)? Warrior Would you rather be the richest person on earth or the smartest? Richest so I can hire the smart people to think for me. What is your dream car? A Corvette If you could get rid of one state in the US what state would it be? North Carolina What is your biggest pet peeve in life? Random numbers that call my phone but that dont leave a msg so I dont know who it is. @Draxt @Touri @InfernalRage @RisingRonin @Gewchie @mav2003 @Eagles @Ronduth @John Falcon @Agony So Agony lost my answers so blame him >.>
  4. @John Falcon Thx man life is getting hard
  5. They are not afriad of your soft drink terror, as they are afraid of hearing that taco bell is not real meat.
  6. Since you are in the South what is your favorite combo at Bojangles? What type of car you want? Who were the guys that got banned? Was I the one who banned them?
  7. What kind of Car you drive? Do you know what Grits are? Play world of Warcraft? Name a reason why i can not be a founder?
  8. Any pictures of what the things you have or what they are?
  9. so when is the audio version coming out?
  10. @SomeoneYouLikeIt was my ideal of the creating this video and Razzy stepping up to do it. I came up with the ideal of not having arma in the video and show GTA instead as the community was going forward. Maybe Altis is not dead but for now it is not viewed positively with mostly other RGN members. It shouldn't be a big deal as with arma not involved as we are not solely a Altis life community which some people are calling us. So dont blame Razzy as it was I who gave him the outline what the video to be.
  11. Game: Both Reason: I like playing new games and like how they are all unique(beside Call of duty)
  12. Free Company: Order of Revan (or something like that once its created About: So for those that play MMOs and know of this game then you should know what a free company is. Basically its a Guild that has perks and stuff. So what I am looking for is people that want to join in and do raids and do other things together for like buying a house, trading, crafting, and other stuff. Server: Lamina Requirements: None All classes and levels are welcome VOIP: Discord Contact: Discord: @Dark#5438 or by PM on fourms here Plan is figure out where to buy a plot at once Guild is made and then go from there. Plans on doing raids and stuff well come later when If you do not have the game and would like to try it out then check out the steam page but i suggest to buy it straight Square as you do not have to deal with steam bs. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/3718/FINAL_FANTASY_XIV_Online_Complete_Edition/
  13. Well since their is no way to convert a steam gift card to a Tacobell gift card I will be getting FF14 stormblood gametime.
  14. A $40 steam gift would work fine, or FF14 Stormblood expanision, or just give it to me so that everybody else can be happy.

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