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  1. where have u gone ;c

    1. Casual


      been busy playin a few other games, we will be back soon most likely ;)

  2. I don't think RGN is bad as a community. The people here love playing together and like each other, so what more could you want in a communal sense? RGN is and has been a great place to meet and make friends (people who stick around at that). So i'd like to reiterate I don't come back for the altis, I come back for friends and for good times when it comes to other things like csgo etc. The altis part of RGN has been dead to me for some time due to upper managerial decisions and a short burst for a while of just all around garbage players / weekend warriors etc. So before you comment about how how I come back for a "good fucking" please analyze what was said. RGN won't die... but altis life sure might, and maybe that's a good thing. Might give RGN more time to focus on the more positive and well lubricated pieces of its community / operations.
  3. Honestly when you left so did the soul. RIP all that fine ass paperwork. Also, I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my previous reply, not throw out any names but........................ Here's the people that are standing in the way of RGN becoming a great community full of great servers: RONDUTH, Draxt (even though he stepped down he caused many issues), Simon, Ronduth, Ronduth, Ron, Duth of Ron, and that's about it. Sure there were other people (like those who think that the server doesn't have problems to fess up to) who thought that everything was fine, and who contributed to the ultimate downward spiral of this great community. Seeing as how this post will probably get me perm banned from the forums I wish to say thank you to everyone who made RGN my home for many many many months and I also want to urge you to investigate into the problems on the server and stand up for what you think is right and make this community great in everyone's opinion. Get rid of the problems and start fresh. *mic drop* Shoutout to Gewchie, eagles, all my BKB 3c and OP4 boys, Mackenzie todd, shuler, Beenjammin, and all the rest you know who you are
  4. The server is dying because people are finally starting to wise up as to what is going on behind the scenes at RGN. The leadership lately has been in disarray to say the least and the power pyramid is beyond fucked, but all senior and core members are sooo afraid of losing their power they don't speak up as to the fact that their position doesn't really hold significant meaning within the community anymore. Many weeks ago when I first quit playing I requested a full staff meeting or at least a founder meeting to discuss issues that were plaguing this server, since then I have only had my requests denied and been met with hostility from certain individuals. This server all in all is way past its prime and its time to start looking at RGN as more of a community and less of an altis life server. This is not only because the server itself seems to be dying but because its time to let it go. Hell, maybe once all the BS surrounding altis life is gone the community might actually function like a normal balanced system ? The real reason there are less players is ... that there is LESS of a quality experience to be had on the server. People are realizing they could better spend their time elsewhere (as it pertains to altis life / rp servers) It's RGN Altis Life!
  5. To be honest im down with whatever, just not weekly. that would be a bit tiring for me XD But I love casting the games so...
  6. Welcome my dude! and yeah im a master Scuba instructor! We should talk some time.
  7. Im streaming! 



  8. Only have 4 papers to finish then I'm off for the weekend!

  9. Rebels are about to run this shit!

    1. Steve
    2. Bob Hoss

      Bob Hoss

      Not a surprise considering half the RPD is gone now

  10. Shoutbox was poppin this mornin!

  11. Welcome to RGN! I think it's awesome that you are trying to get into gaming, especially being deathview's wife, He'll be quite a good teacher. I'm sure anyone here will be willing to help you get the hang of things or answer any questions you have. Glad to have you here and I hope you can enjoy RGN!
  12. Thanks for helping out RGN Wally!
  13. AP Psych is wayy less interesting than reddit, just saying

    1. J. Garnet

      J. Garnet

      Nah dude, AP Psych is awesome what are ya talkin about

  14. It is a wonder to me how it hasn't already happened, but I guess life is a mystery in many ways @mud101 Some of the old OG guys are coming back etc.
  15. Thanks bby Glad to be back. @Alien8r Don't lock this one xD we're just in here having a bit of banter

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