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  1. Would you be interested in playing on our ark server if we were to bring it back.
  2. Congrats everyone. Hope to see you in game with those new tags on. Have fun and stay reckless
  3. Happy birthday man. Don't party to hard.
  4. Why are you all posting on this old Thread. I though people got demoted or something
  5. mjm822


    like molagthemighty said man you can still talk in rgn ts or on the forums but play other games that we might not have a server for. you don't only have to play altis life.
  6. I have an android but I kind of want an iphone but I don't want to spend $500 for one lol
  7. even though David says it sucks emotion wise or whatever. im going down the path to be a paramedic.
  8. Hello and welcome. Hope to see you around on our servers.
  9. Thanks for everything @@noms. no one will be able to handle and deal with the amount of stress and stuff that you had dealing with like 100 things at once. Hope you will still be playing games when you can. And hey seeing how tough you are dealing with all of us and everything i know that you grandmother has the same toughness and strength as you.
  10. lol just read that now I was like nooooo dano why and then I scrolled down, and there it is you little troll lol.
  11. open world makes it even better valshe

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