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  1. SAPD Application Responses

    i know i have talked to you briefly in ts but i havent gotten a forum reply, or message.
  2. Police

    no clue man i have been waiting since last Tuesday to have my app looked at. they need to get better with this though i will politely say.
  3. i have to agree with bob hoss on this one. i give you credit dino for coming up with the idea to add this to the server but i dont feel like adding a trainer that people can just spawn what they want in for rp purposes. not only like you said, it can be abused but also what the fun in shit if you just spawn it in and do no work for it. like bob said if people want to roleplay they will roleplay. we shouldnt force people to 24/7 roleplay because then its not fun at all. if we add trainers for people to use it will get old quick and very boring. It's like if you play on a creative 7 days to die server, if you can just spawn in everything you want what the fuck is the point in playing the game. now i agree that the money grinding is old and boring and its a lot like altis life and im not saying we shouldnt change that all im saying is dont add a cheat mode to the game. We need to find a way to make it like gta v online where you can own a business and hire people to work for you and give them custom made assignments.
  4. Crashes injure you

    Then we may as well go back to arma. We already have it so cars die out after hitting like 2 things we don't need it to be like altos life
  5. Whitelisted Pilot

    how would that get abused. Its whitelisted for a reason. we wont whitelist people who are going to vehicle bomb with the plane. it adds a new whitlisted job and more great rp.
  6. Whitelisted Pilot

    So my idea would be to have the same setup as cop or medic, have people put in applications and then for the few that get accepted, will be able to have a job as a airline pilot and people can purchase tickets to fly to any other airfield on the map. Also there would be a job as a skydiving instructor along with a pilot. I feel like planes and helicopters should be added and if this is the only way for them to be added, I think its both a fun idea but a great rp idea.
  7. Rule Suggestions

    i would go as far as loosing all of your stuff i mean you can get hit by a bunch of cars and get killed and then you lose all of your stuff
  8. Rule Suggestions

    so i have heard that the rule or so said rule on this is a little iffy but, i feel like if you get into a situation with the police and you end up dead, and ems cannot get to you within the time that it takes for you to be able to spawn, you can respawn. also i feel like you should be able to break people out of jail.
  9. Police callouts

    This would be great if we actually had cops on half the time. at most i see like 3-4 cops on and its only for a few hours a day then no cops all night. We need to whitelist people who will actually be playing cop most of the time or people who stay up late and dont have work or something the next morning. after about 11:30 or 12 there are never any cops on.
  10. I agree with some of these points also we need more whitelisted cops. After like 11pm all of the cops get off. Then it's kinda of just boring
  11. Guidelines for active admining?

    I Agree with you on some points Ronduth but also disagree on some. I feel like reving your engine in the middle of the street(cops or no cops by) is just something people like to do if they have nice cars. I do it irl not in the middle of a road obviously but its to show off your car. yes its a rp server but saying that reving your engine shouldn't be allowed is kind of being extremely strict and unreasonable. that goes the same for doing donuts, now I don't do that but still its not something you need rp to do and we shouldn't restrict people on what they can do in there cars when it comes to showing them off.
  12. Ban report - Adam.

    https://puu.sh/vUed5/25975337f1.jpg\ This is just one screenshot from Trooper D Swift. He said that the guy had logged on the police multiple times. there is a video if needed.
  13. {KZG} Will / Dylan Klebold Bounty Boosting

    @Draxt ive taken care of the money problem with will, i brought him out into the ocean with all of it on him and killed him so he doesnt have it anymore, but since it seems your the handler on this case ill leave the rest up to you.
  14. MJM - Combat Impound

    i will be talking with dark and/or simon about this. in all honesty i landed coming from air hq and from what i recall i was not being engaged, nor engaging anyone myself and to my memory in order for it to be combat impounding you have to be actively engaged with a person(s) and then impound it while being engaged for it to be considered combat impounding. And i was not engaged nor being engaged by anyone at the time. i thought i was a fair enough distance away from Fed for it to be ok.
  15. Bad pub cop/racial slurs.

    im sorry about this report @Muuvie, ive been so tied up with finals papers and a huge pile of homework for finals. he did send me the picture and i never got the chance to look at it. could someone else take over this report. Again i apologize, iv'e had a lot on my mind