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  1. perma banned "Cameron Constable"

    Player Banned: Cameron ConstableServer: TeamspeakBan Reason: Disrespect to community membersBan Length: PermUUID: x7YCYgRXn8MMbdmdJ9vgFunSr/M=
  2. perma banned supdagh-troll

    <22:41:45> "Supdagh" was banned permanently from the server by "[RGN] mjm822" (troll)
  3. Ark survival Rebirth

    Would you be interested in playing on our ark server if we were to bring it back.
  4. New Rust Server?

    Rust is one of those games where it is fun to play every month or so, if you play to much such as a week straight like everyone does it gets old and boring. i think we should forget rust and do other things and focus on our main servers. we had a rust in the past and we took it down after a week or so when everyone stopped playing it. no need to have it happen for a third time.
  5. mjm822

  6. temp banned Ben

    1 day ban for disrespect towards an admin
  7. <12:02:36> "국악 명상음악모음" was banned permanently from the server by "[RGN] mjm822" (troll)
  8. Welcome new Recruits! (07/10/16)

    Congrats everyone. Hope to see you in game with those new tags on. Have fun and stay reckless
  9. <02:03:42> "Demauntein" was banned for 5 days from the server by "[RGN] mjm822" (Soundboard troll )
  10. Happy BIRTHDAY CESIL!!!

    Happy birthday man. Don't party to hard.
  11. completed IM BEYOND CONFUSED

    Thanks @@Austin i have already replyed to the message the user has sent me. I will not be asking to have he/she unbanned or have a reduced ban. Case closed
  12. <13:04:05> "Dj Harb" was banned permanently from the server by "[RGN] mjm822" (troll)
  13. What Server were you banned from?: Everything RGN Who banned you?: Founders Why were you banned?: COC When were you banned?: 6/21/16 What is your in game name?: Cade Chan User ID: 76561198158212221 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: Hello, So it's been a couple of days since my ban and after letting everything kind of settle down I figured I could put in a dispute as I feel I was kind of wrongfully banned, now why do I think that? Well at the time of all of the stuff that “I did” I wasn't even around to do it. I was playing DayZ with some friends from another Community. Also I feel this was all kind of in a hurry and with little to no proof besides people's I will admit I did obtain the original image off of Facebook when me and Eagles were friends on there but I DID NOT make that picture or the “Meme” some would call it. Now I had come in the TS under a few aliases after being “released” from RGN Membership, now that wasn't to cause ANY issues, I came in under said Alias in order to avoid people constantly poking me and asking me questions about “What happened to your membership” or “Why did they remove you”. But as soon as I changed my name back to Cade Chan, I received a message from InfernalRage to “Knock my shit off and quit with my childish games, that I was a guest here and that was my last warning” or something to that line. Now here's the kicker I hadn't done anything that day. The ONLY person I got into an argument with that day was a kid named Mack Wood and that was because he was attempting to get a Mr.Bangbusdriver to break rules in order to come revive him, was constantly interrupting Bangbus and I while I was talking about Medic stuff with him and a few other random things while in the dispatch channel. After having him try to get bangbus to break rules I went and got Mackenzie Todd to remove him from the channel, other than that I spent the entire day in a Civ channel with Aia. Now fast forward a couple of days. After the whole messaging thing with infernal that night I went over to a DayZ community I use to play with and started playing with them again for the next 3 days and never bothered nor talk to ANY RGN RELATED PEOPLE. The day I got banned I was getting ready to go to work when I received a Snapchat from Al Hoff saying “How does it feel to be an asshole”, now I of course replied with a Smartass response of “ Pretty good most days, why what did I supposedly do now?” That's when I got meet with a line they continued to use with me during this whole process “You know what you did” Well if I knew what I did why would I ask? Well after a bit of messaging back and forth someone had screen grabbed and edit a picture of Eagles in a very distasteful and crappy meme of which I will not be going into further detail. Anyways I ended saying “Whatever I can't deal with this right now as i'm going to work, you can ban me if you'd like but we can talk after I get out of work if you'd like”. Now after not hearing anything threw the day I figured maybe they figured out who did it or that I was just going to speak with a founder in TS when I got home from work. I got home from work only to find I was Banned from TS, Altis and the website account. I did out of being pissed off sent a distasteful snap to Hoff as I was under the impression we were going to speak when I got home. Tho Id like to say this It was stupid for me to use a picture of Eagles as my TS Picture for the short amount of time it was up and I realized that was a mistake. I understand that I fucked up and attempted to fix my mistake but Eagles had blocked me and was ignoring me in every way which is perfectly understandable as i'm sure most people would. -Cade Chan 6/29/2016 Im posting this on behalf on Cade Chan because he said he cannot since he is banned from the website.
  14. Why are you all posting on this old Thread. I though people got demoted or something
  15. Welcome new Recruits! (06/15/16)

    Welcome Pleblings